Imperialism Tangie gatton

Imperialism is when a stronger country takes over a weaker country.

Examples of Imperialism:

  • The US taking over Hawaii is a good example of Imperialism. Hawaii's last leader was Queen Lili'uokalani. She took the throne after her brothers died. The Queen wanted a new constitution for Hawaii. This constitution would reinstate the veto power of monarchy and give Hawaiians the right to vote. American business people did not like this idea, so they took control and had the Queen imprisoned. Hawaii officially became part of the United States in 1897.
  • China is another example of imperialism. France, German, Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the US were all fighting to take over China. After worrying that their financial interests might be in danger, they proposed an agreement that all the countries could have equal access to China, also known as an Open Door Policy. China, who was never included in the decision, did not approve of this agreement. Some Chinese nationalists later started secretly working with a group of boxers. These boxers were told that their training resulted in them becoming bullet proof, while in reality this was not true. Although the boxers ended up getting destroyed, they were the reason that China continued to fight imperialism.
  • The Philippine American War was caused by the US wanting to take over the Philippines. Once the Filipinos found out what America was planning, they refused to let themselves be taken over and fought for their freedom. The war lasted 3 years and over 200,000 Filipinos were killed. The deaths tore apart families, towns and cities. They realized that the slaughter of innocent citizens needed to end.
  • Haiti is another example for imperialism. The U.S. was worried about Haiti's stability. President Andrew Johnson suggested that Haiti and the Dominican Republic both be taken over by the U.S. President William Howard Taft lent Haiti a loan to try and help, but it ended up a failing. France then decided to help Haiti to become stable. They had power over Haiti's trades and finances.
  • Belize is also a good example for imperialism. Until 1973, Belize was known as the British Honduras. Belize is dramatically growing due to imperialism. They are now looking to become Americanized. Belize has plenty of land that is owned by US interests. Things such as the money system, production, and cars in Belize are beginning to change. The United States have agreed to provide training for the Belize defense force.

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