Knit apparel and Design Company

production capacity per week 80.000

We are a textile company based in Portugal since 1986 working mainly in the jerseywear area for ladies, men and childrenswear.

We started as a subcontractor but in paralell we built a structure which enabled the company to grow and start to export in 1989 for Uk with George Davies and France with La Redoute.

These 30 years of hard work helped our company to achieve very good results and a steady place in the Portuguese textile industry. We were able to grow in quality , innovation , design and were able to build a strong relationship with our customers.

In 2006 we acquired a confection unit in Tunisia and a mill in Portugal which helped us to increase productivity with more competitive prices.

In 2007 the group did 2 more acquisitions, a dyeing factory and a 2nd confection unit in Portugal.

In all we have at the moment 2 confection units in Portugal and 1 in Tunisia , 1 dyeing unit and 1 knitting facility.

We have at the moment a capacity of around 200.000 pcs per week(Diastextil produce 80.000 pcs) and we are planning to expand and produce also in other markets.

Regarding lead times it depends of the styles…between 7 to 9 weeks.

We also can provide design tendancies as well as prints ideas along with physical samples, thru our design department we've been offering this service to our customers with very positive results. We have four graphic designers and two stylists.

20 Comercials

4 Graphic Designers

2 Fashion Designers

2 Textile Engineers

photo manipulation, hand drawing, allovers prints, character designs

Always working with the new trends in prints and embroidery techniques

Print and Embroidery techniques

2 Fashion Designers

trend boards


Circular knitting company

Modelmalhas company, has a Production Platform of 75 machines (circular knitting), constantly renewing and upgrading them. We can produce various items, thus opening up a wide range of options and functions to our customers, who increasingly seek the flexibility and diversity, both in terms of production, and in terms of the producer. The weaving facilities have a conditioned environment, as well as a cleaning system for the fibers particles. With a capacity of producing 20 tons a day, Modelmalhas is however always looking to adjust their production according to the markets requirements and consequently their customer’s demands.


Knit apparel and Dying Company

First company in Portugal with sustainable textile production.

Sublimation Department

Startex Tunisia

knit apparel company

production capacity per week 120.000

Some of our CLIENTS


A fashion company that fits all fashion brands

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