I'm so happy you are interested in a session. Hopefully by the end of this you will have most of your questions answered about what a session includes and what a look into what your overall experience will be like.

Let me start off by saying that I believe boudoir is for EVERY person who wants to celebrate who they are RIGHT NOW, exactly as they are. I believe that loving who you are in this moment, without conditions of what YOU think you should be is so incredibly important and EMPOWERING.

I wholly believe with every ounce of me that you should be celebrating your sexy, your sensuality, your individuality. I believe you should be celebrating YOU every single day.

BEFORE YOUR SESSION - Before you book your session we get together for an in person consultation at my home office located in Stanwood. We'll go over everything in great detail regarding your session, answer any questions you may have and make sure we are the right fit for each other! We'll chat about lingerie, posing, who you are and what you want, what I do post processing and anything else we can think of (I can be quite chatty lol). This step is so important; this is where we connect in person, and to make sure that we both decide this is the very best fit for you. Boudoir sessions are intimate on a physical and emotional level and want you to know you are in the very best of hands.

BOOKING YOUR SESSION DATE - After your consultation, if you choose to move forward we will pick a date on the calendar and get you reserved! You'll receive a beautiful welcome packet that includes everything you might need to know about how to prep for your session, to frequently asked questions.

YOUR BOUDOIR SESSION - You will receive an email reminder a few days before the big date to act as a reminder. Once you arrive to the Studio our professional hair and makeup artist will be waiting to create the perfect makeup look for you! Once you have finished your full make over we will go through any outfits you have brought and go through the Client Boudoir Closet to create the best looks for you! This is where the real fun begins, we pose you right down to your very fingertips, and have a wide variety of breathing techniques we will walk you through to not only achieve the posing but the very facial expressions you make.

YOUR REVEAL SESSION - After your photoshoot we will again meet up in my home office roughly 1-2 weeks later. At this time you will see a slideshow of all your retouched images and create your custom products at this time. We will have all of our products on hand for you to see in person, so you can see and feel the amazing quality first hand. We offer a variety of high quality products from leather-bound albums to beautiful glass boxes and amazing custom wall art that includes float frames and stunning metal prints.

What to expect in post production

Again this whole process is about learning to love yourself exactly as you are. Loving yourself and confidence is something that you exude from within, I want to help you find, build that, or be a part of that, no matter where you are in your journey! Sometimes life makes us forget about this amazingly important side of ourselves and I want to show you that no matter how busy you get with your career, your kids, your life, that you are worth celebrating.

Everything you communicate to me I am listening to, I pride myself on making this experience custom tailored to who you are as an individual and letting that reflect in the art that we create together. While I have a very distinct style, which you can see plays into the sensuality of each person who comes in front of my lens, I still want you to see you.

I pride myself on bringing the best version of you out, many of my techniques don't even include photoshop but rely on my expertise guiding of outfit choices, lighting and angels. Photoshop is really meant to remove any unwanted blemishes, a bit of skin softening and little light retouching of under eye circles if needed.


My experience with Bree was amazing! I didn't just feel a connection with her as a photographer but I gained a friend out of the experience. She made me feel comfortable and confident with her and myself. I recommend any men or woman do a shoot with her! It has definitely made me come out of my shell and see what others see in me. Bree does amazing work and I am beyond impressed with my images and the experience I got from my session and I am so excited for my next session in June! She has made it to where it's my new "addiction" like how tattoos can be addicting after getting one.

I loved my session. I was incredibly nervous for my session, and Bree was really able to put me at ease throughout the session. I LOVE the fact that Bree doesnt do a lot of beauty editing. I'm able to really see myself and it's something realistic. I'm always worried about taking photos that give me an unrealistic expectation of my body. But I can see myself in these photos and it's actually me, and it makes me feel beautiful. I would honestly love to do it again.

Bree was able to show me how to pose, and helped put me in positions that would be flattering. We were able to laugh and have a good time during the session. Definitely felt more like I was hanging out with a friend rather than being half/full naked in front of a stranger. It was an awesome experience.

My session with Bree was amazing! I have never done anything like boudoir before and was definitely a bit nervous. But once we got started it was so much fun! I never felt uncomfortable or rushed during the session. All of the photos turned out so amazing and it was such a wonderful experience being able to see myself in that way! I've always felt like I'm not very sexy or that I don't know how to be, but after seeing my photos I know that I am! I would highly recommend that every women get boudoir photos taken and will recommend Bree to everyone I know!

My experience Was very pleasant, professional and comfortable. My dearest sweet man was over seas at the time and being our last deployment together I wanted to do something special for him but myself as well. Since my mid twenties I've let myself go and had not been proud of my weight. As soon as he left for deployment I started going to the gym. I was down 16 pounds and then my session day arrived and was worried I wouldn't like what I saw. We took our time and Bree really instructed me through it. About 1/2 way through I had discovered a new self confidence I thought had died. The nice thing about these sessions is there is no judgement, no pressure. If you don't want a naked shoot.. It's okay.. You don't have to. But I encourage it, when you look back at it I promise you will love the you that Bree brings out of you in your photos.



The creation fee starts at $499 (plus tax) and that includes professional hair and makeup application, unlimited shoot time in my studio with unlimited outfit looks, including access to the client boudoir closet. All products and digital negatives are considered a separate investment to be ordered at your Reveal and Ordering appointment.


Here at Boudoir by Bree we do run things a tad differently by not offering set packages, but Instead you’ll see that you can everything is A La Carte, which means you only purchase what you love! Each client walks away with a beautiful, custom made album that we design hand in hand to make sure you get all of your favorite images from your session inside; from there we can add on any custom add on products of your choosing, including digitals.


Product purchases are due one week before your session. You can either opt to to have your invoice due as a lump sum one week before your session, or we can set up equal monthly payments due each month prior to your session! Let me know if you'd like installments or a lump sum payment! We also accept cash, credit/debit cards. Citi Credit has been a popular option since it is no interest for 21 months.

Are you ready?

Book your consultation by pressing on the button below! I am so excited to meet you!

Still need more time?

That's ok! We get how crazy nerve-wracking and exhilarating this process can be! Join our private, ladies only boudoir group on Facebook. Feel free to hang out and get to know me before you decide!

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