Save Our Cities by: Anthony rappa

"Urban life in the 19th and 20th century have made little improvements and still need drastic improvement to the modern problems of crime and ghettos that occur from oppression of African American’s, terror threats, and massive amounts of pollution in the air and water."

Cities themselves may look better and appear much greater than they were in the Gilded Age or Progressive Era, however Urban Life for a lot of citizens have not improved. Particularly those of color. Crimes committed in bad neighborhoods or ghettos by people who aren't necessarily black, commit these crimes because they do not know better and it is at the fault of the cities since they failed to fix these areas and educate the young people who witness crime everyday and are living with such a poor depressing state. Crime and racism will grow unless something is down about them, because whites, not every white person, believe colored people commit crimes all the time when they do not know their struggles.

Again in defense of Cops, not all of them are racist it's just that back then, "millions of blacks were moving into cities, jobs were moving out, and local tax revenues that could have supported adequate services, such as schools and sanitation, were disappearing" (Riggs) And ever since it has been damage and many African Americans in cities are poor and discriminated against simply because their parents may have committed violent crimes to get by.


We are a nation that has 318 million people and we produce “approximately two-thirds of all the world's hazardous waste” (Sowards). That's absolutely unacceptable

"Terrorism can strike anywhere, with little regard for civilian welfare. A terrorist attack can be carried out by an individual yet can affect hundreds or thousands of lives" (Stock)

It's hard to live in a major city when terrorist attacks can occur in an instant and affect thousands of people. One to many terrorist attacks have occurred in Europe and the Middle East last year. Fortunately, not that many have happened last year in the US. Nonetheless, terrorism is a major thing that affects urban life now-a-days then in the past.


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