THE HARN Austin Farrugia

Medium of the Art

For this piece, the artist seamlessly weaves together metals as if they were threads to masterfully present this true work of art. Having the benefit of viewing this in person provides a plethora of detail and texture that a picture cannot mimic. From afar, the rug appears to be of fabric only to reveal its true composition upon closer inspection. This piece teaches not to always take things at face value and to always look deeper than what seems necessary.

Design of the Museum

Within a few steps into the museum, the design is clear: wide, open, bare. The large canvas that the museum presents gives each work of art its own stage to be gazed upon. No sense of clutter or confinement is detected within its walls. Spectators may view each work without a hindrance of distraction to fully admire what is before them.

Art and Core Values

While strolling through the Harn, this particular piece caught my attention; not for its interesting presentation, but for its obvious Mexican design and inspiration. From the beady-eyed bull to the "cartoony" skeletons, every detail emphasizes the impression of Mexican style onto the artist. This strong embrace of culture resonates with me to a certain degree. Coming from a German family, having pride in my heritage and embracing my culture is very important to my being and seeing this artist reflect the impact of Mexican culture on him, makes me consider my own heritage.

Art and the Good Life

In this statue, artist, Audrey Flack, produces a being who stands for more than the idea of physical healing. The "Healing Waters" mentioned in her title go beyond regular pain and healing, but instead social healing. This piece represents an entity who restores the balance of social inequality, a social affliction equal to that of an ailment.
Created By
Austin Farrugia


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art"

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