The Career that Defines Me shadow machacek

Table of contents.

Who am i before entering the classroom.

ANALYZING results from cis.

What career interests me.

The amount of education required to complete my career goals.

School chosen to take on as a college.

Companies i would consider working for.

Who Have I wanted to be since i was 13.

Medicinal marijuana.

I have been into landscaping yards, gardening, logging, poetry, and mathematically structured in the world of plants. I am able to grow plants decently well. I am into the hard labor because it is something that i'm planning on living to grow plants and make money this way. My weakness would be in economics and government learning

My plans for my career before entering this class has been to take the classes that best fit my line of work in college. I would like to legally distribute marijuana to doctors for medical help and to vendors that will take my constant supply as long as i get a decent amount of the profits. My goals are to complete two years of horticulture and every other class tied to the career of distribution in Washington or Oregon.

Analyzed Results.

1. In Interest profiler i got a score that led me to believe that i may one day i could become a glass blower. Interest profiler asked me to select like, dislike and unsure to questions that i had to answer personally. These personal questions helped to put me in categories that fitted me the most. i also noticed that there was an option of e being a physical trainer.

2. The IDEAS part of the study asked me to Like very much, indifferent, dislike somewhat, dislike very much. These questions helped to analyze what different careers i could be given as options.

3. The workplace importance locator explained to me that i could potentially go in to be a medical assistant. It asked me to place these cards with questions on them in my chosen spots and this is what i have come up with.

4. My career cluster.showed me even more options about what careers i could take but it was very much more in depth with those careers.

My interest was glass blowing, Physical trainer, and distribution which isnt part of idaho's legal jobs.

I need to take art, drawing and painting, and if i wanted to be self employed then i would have to take accounting, entrepreneurship, and introduction to business. i am interested in the art and drawing and painting classes.

My schooling options are to get my fourth period that i have free and use it to take a drawing and painting class. This class will not teach me everything that i need to know but it will give me the skills to blow glass. i would work for Glass Blowing Artists in idaho.

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