Natures beauty A journey of autoimmune disease Through the camera lens

I started photography approx 2.5yrs ago, well I was taking many photos before then but that is when I decided I needed to capture the beauty around us. My photography is my "therapy" I use it to counter the struggles of chronic illness. Photography gives me a purpose and a sense of "me"... one thing that illness can't take away

The calmness of the ocean waves can really soothe my soul. Yet the power of it can also depict the war inside our body and mind.

These crashing waves hit my heart with the constant battle with autoimmune relenting, the constant pounding one after another. With autoimmune I have faught many waves/battles.. there is no cure but I keep taking the pounding waves one after another.. why? Because this is my path.. this is my road layed out by God.

Sunset.. what more can I say? The photos say 1000 words.. every sunset is different. Every sunset is worth seeing. Never give up the chance to see each day as it ends. No matter how hard the day has been there will always be beauty

The sound of running water.. music for our hearts. Don't just see the world but let it fill your heart, mind, and spirit.. there are hidden oasis's everywhere

Such complexity and diversity in nature yet all creatures co-exist together.

Clouds and sun rays.. I don't push my religious beliefs on anyone but to me the rays of the last light of the day feel like gods hands reaching down to us to heal, give strength, to promise he is always watching over us, plus the promise of a new tomorrow.. these are my personal beliefs but religion aside the rays of light are calming and stunning and absolutely amazing to capture.

Take the time to have fun. Splash in the water, dance in the rain, forget our anxieties and stresses and be kids again. Just for a moment to appreciate what is around us.

Soak in the journey of the day.. feel the warmth of those last rays, and allow our stresses to fade away. Be washed in the promise of a new day.. give thanks for having faught through another day of pain and illness. You made it.. one day at a time.

Have you ever felt the healing power of pets? The devotion they have for us? Their personalities? I couldn't imagine my life without animals. They comfort us and love us with everything they have. They also are companions and "reasons to keep going". After many years of loving my amazing dogs (17yrs this year) when I lost them to old age my heart broke in two. It took appprox 2 years I think to allow myself to let another pet into my heart. This little baby (snow-white) used her magic to repair my broken heart.. her personality is cheeky and funny yet loving and comforting. I was trying to do a studio shoot of flowers when she decided that I needed to give her attention and she wanted to check out what I was doing. These photos are priceless and fill me with joy.

I love this example! To me there are many people who see the world in black and white! To people who don't know me you can't see my chronic health problems (black and white)! It's as though they must see blood and guts or broken limbs or bandages etc to associate sickness with a person. This can be very frustrating for someone like myself who have "invisible sickness"... if people open their eyes they will see so much more than black or white.. so many cross over colours and different shades of grey that merge the lines and rules! I can stand in front of you in absolute agony yet u will not know (except those who know me well). Why you ask? We'll because if I give in to the pain I will fall. I will stop seeing the worlds beauty. I won't see the beautiful colours out there. But more than that if I tried to explain to you I've found approx 90% of people do not understand. I'm not saying you are stupid or incapable of empathy. You just don't know what it's like (unless u also suffer a chronic illness) to live in constant agony. You do not understand having an illness that can kill you. You do not understand the exhaustion pretending you are ok can cause. Please I beg of you, those who read my blog close your eyes and remember how u felt when u had a big flu... the body aches and pains, the fevers, the inability to get out of bed without dragging your feet... well that is how I feel everyday of my life with lupus/RA autoimmune disorders... pretty shitty hey? So look at people in colour, walk in their shoes, consider the other shades of colours, there is a whole spectrum of colours other than black or white!

Simplicity... with chronic illness I have discovered (after many years and stress) that fighting a battle everyday takes sooooo much energy that any ounce left should not be wasted on crap! Cut the drama, cut the nasty, cut the things that complicate things! Cut the stress and the stressful situations! Start to enjoy the important things in life! Create memories of those important to us, fill your heart with the love of those who can accept you for who you are. Keep things you can control simple!

After quite a few months of very serious health bumps on my life path I recently had a birthday. Now I know we all have friends and family but this birthday I was showered in the love of friendship and the love of family! So many people went out of their way to help pull me out of a dark place. These people with their acts of kindness/love/support will never understand the significance of their gestures. Don't be afraid to let people in. But be careful who those people are! Not everyone will take you as you are. Not everyone has the unconditional love/friendship/opinions!

This meme from google/FB is a hard lesson I have learnt.. as I said above don't be afraid to reach out for help and let people in, however be careful of who those people are!

Now this meme is what my photography is about! My photos give a part of ME back. It makes me more than just lupus/RA/Fibromyalgia/autoimmune liver disease... I AM a MUM, I AM a wife, I AM a daughter, I AM a sister, I AM a radiographer, I AM a photographer, but most important I AM ME!!!! I am NOT my chronic illness

Found this today and it spoke to me...

"My focus is on water - over time it will cut a rock in half it is so strong and powerful. Even a drop of it over time will bore a hole clean through. Every day if I do exactly what I need to do- what I CAN DO - it will be EXACTLY ENOUGH. Somedays - the most courage we have is just getting out of bed (or perhaps staying bed but not giving up).

Every element has its great importance - but mine - mine is water. I am water - flowing - I will do what I must. And it WILL be enough. I will endure. It will matter. And I will matter."

These kids are what keeps my water flowing

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