Technology in Schools How technology is impacting schools

What are the goals with incorporating technology in schools?

Many school districts across the country have set goals to incorporate technology in their classrooms. Goals such as placing more technology into classrooms to keep the classroom from being teacher centric and more to being student centric. Many districts have also set a goal for the types of technology they want incorporated in their district. For example, districts want to incorporate online learning, game based learning, web based projects, and social media projects. (Edutopia). Similarly, goals school districts have set in place are to support active learning experiences inside and outside the classroom with learning modules that can be accessed 24/7, with interactive videos and instructional games. (Sullivan).

What is the cost of technology?

Technology is everywhere and more and more schools are incorporating technology in schools. However with this rapid increase in technology, there is a hidden price tag. In the article, Time Magazine, students in the Iredell-Statesville School district all received a MacBook Air from a grant by an organization called Race for the Top. Race for the Top granted 20 million dollars so all 11,300 students in the school district could receive a MacBook. (Author’s name here). Technology over the past few years, has increased everywhere and the cost has also increased. In 2009, the spending on technology was at 385 million nationwide, and in 2014 the total cost was 1.8 billion and is expected to rapidly grow. It is estimated that the spending on technology is to reach 19 billion by 2019. (Koba).

What can technology do that traditional lectures and teaching styles can’t

Technology can do so much more than traditional teaching styles. With technology students can access resources, re-watch instruction videos, find extra practice and the students can now work at their own pace. In addition to students being able to work at their own pace, technology helps students of all different learning types such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. (Sinyard). Also, having technology prepares students for the the 21st century workforce, technology is everywhere in today’s world and having it in the classroom prepares students to work and be productive in the real world. (Medrano).

Does technology have any negative affects?

While technology has benefits, there are some drawbacks to using technology in schools. Technology can be a huge distraction for students and teachers. In a boring class, students can simply pop open a new tab and visit social media websites or play online games rather than listen to the teacher. (Nuttal). Some other large concerns especially among parents and teachers are students increased ability to access inappropriate websites such as pornography, violence and other inappropriate content. Cheating is another large concern,having technology means teachers assign tests and quizzes online, however this gives students the opportunity to cheat easier than having a paper test. (Navajo).

Will technology impact the attendance in school?

With technology in schools and inside the classroom,this offers a variety of options for schools and it could affect the attendance in school. Digital schools, are sweeping the nation and becoming more and more popular. Nearly 316,000 students are currently enrolled in digital schools operating in 26 states. (Ramasubbu). Students in the state of Michigan at the high school level have now been required to take at least one online class to graduate from high school and in Florida, there are at least 45,000 students enrolled in an online school to help students graduate on time. (Wells).

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