Do Junior High Students Enjoy Libraries? Do students like and spend time at libraries?

To research this topic, I created a Google Form and made questions like "How often do you visit the library?" and "What is enjoyable about a library to you?" I wanted to know if students like libraries. To avoid bias Mrs. Carovillano made groups with a random group generator. I had two demographic questions, asking what grade you are in and what gender you are. I found that all the people taking the survey were in seventh grade. I also found out that mostly girls took the survey.

66.7% were girls and 33.3% were boys.
Everyone is in seventh grade.

The people in my survey visited libraries at least somewhat. Most people said they visited the school library more than public libraries.

55.6% visit the school library more, 22.2% visit public libraries more, and 22.2% visit both equally.

My last question was open-ended. Meaning that people can put in whatever answer they want to. I asked what makes a library enjoyable. The most common answer was the quiet.

In the last question, people were mostly positive. So I believe that students do enjoy libraries. This was what I expected. I already knew that most students go to the library, but I didn't know how much or if they really liked it. I was surprised to find that somebody never goes to the library, and doesn't like it at all. My findings supported my purpose. They showed that students do in fact enjoy libraries.

If I were to continue this survey, I would ask more direct questions. The ones I asked answered my question, but I had to look kind of hard.


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