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All the landmarks to see at rio de janeiro

Rio de janeiro The name was given to the city’s original site by Portuguese navigators who arrived on January 1, 1502, and mistook the entrance of the bay for the mouth of a river (rio is the Portuguese word for “river” and janeiro the word for “January”). When the foundations of the future town were laid in 1565, it was named Cidade de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro (“City of St. Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro”) for both São Sebastião and Dom Sebastião, king of Portugal. Rio de Janeiro became the colonial capital in 1763 and was the capital of independent Brazil from 1822 until 1960, when the national capital was moved to the new city of Brasília; the territory constituting the former Federal District was converted into Guanabara state, which formed an enclave in Rio de Janeiro state. In March 1975 the two states were fused as the state of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de janeiro (River of January), or simply Rio,[4] is the second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas. The metropolis is anchor to the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, the second-most populous metropolitan area in Brazil and sixth-most populous in the Americas. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's third-most populous state.

christ the redeemer

Rio de janeiro (River of January), or simply Rio,[4] Rio de Janeiro lies within a tropical climate near the Tropic of Capricorn. The temperature stays fairly warm all year round and the days are mostly sunny and warm.. February is the hottest month in Rio de Janeiro with an average temperature of 27°C (81°F) and the coldest is July at 21°C(70°F) with the most daily sunshine for almost 7 hours.

There are a number of public transportation in options in Rio de Janeiro, city buses, executive buses (Frescao), the subway (metro), mini buses known as vans a Ferry service. A seasoned traveler would consider Rio a very simple city to navigate, especially if you speak a little bit of Portuguese.

Buses at rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere and is known for its natural settings, Carnival, samba, bossa nova, and balneario beaches[9] such as Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. In addition to the beaches, some of the most famous landmarks include the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado mountain, named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; Sugarloaf Mountain with its cable car; the Sambódromo (Sambadrome), a permanent grandstand-lined parade avenue which is used during Carnival; and Maracanã Stadium, one of the world's largest football stadiums.

The language of Brazil is Portuguese, which is spoken by practically all inhabitants except some isolated Indian groups. Substantial variations in pronunciation and word meaning, however, distinguish it from the language as it is spoken in Portugal. Spanish is also spoken. A large percentage of the educated have learned either French or English. German, Italian, and Japanese are used in immigrant communities.

1 USD =3.12743BRL (This is US money converted in to Brazil) (Reals is what they call it)

The traditional food of Brazil is Feijoada originally from Rio de Janeiro but now served nationally. Feijoada is a bean and smoked meat stew which uses black turtle beans if it is made in Rio de Janeiro, other regions make this traditional stew with white beans or red kidney beans.

Food that is served in Rio De Janeiro , Brazil

You can go to Rio de janeiro for a vacation with your family or friends. I'll tell you 5 reasons you should go there.

  1. There are a lot of beaches so you can enjoy being in the beach
  2. There are a lot of landmarks that you can see some sight seeing .
  3. There is always a carvinal every summer. So you can go see that
  4. It's a nice place to relax and have a wonderful time.
  5. Nonstop nightlife. Whatever your age or musical preference, you’ll probably find something to keep you up late in Rio — whether it’s live music at Rio Scenarium .

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese: Carnaval) is a festival Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with 2 million people per day on the streets. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1723. It all happen

Welcome to Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro.

Where its 149$ per night when there is a lot off to do !

This upscale hotel is a 4-minute walk from a bus stop, 1.5 km from Maria Lenk Aquatic Center and 3.2 km from Citibank Hall.

The modern rooms come with flat-screen TVs with cable channels, desks and minibars. They also feature tea and coffeemakers, and seating areas. Room service and Wi-Fi are available for a fee. Suites add balconies with lagoon views, plus access to a lounge with free breakfast and snacks.

Breakfast (fee) is served in a casual restaurant. Additional amenities include a bar, a lounge and an outdoor pool. There's also a gym and a business center. Pets are welcome, and parking is free.

When you get there, set yourself up on the sand and admire the ocean. It won’t take long until you start to spot dolphins swimming in the bay only a few metres away from the shore. If you go in the water and wait for a while, you will be able to see dolphins surfacing only a few feet away from you and swimming around you. They are used to humans, so they are not nervous around you and they will sometimes get surprisingly close! The waters are very calm and clean, so they are perfect for swimming.

Just relaxing and looking at the city lights and walking around the city will be like your in heaven

Beaches are wonderful and perfect weather all the time. What's more better then being on a beach and have a fun time .

The city above everything to see. You should really go to Rio de janeiro, Brazil


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