A Day In Logos By: Gaby Lopez

As I wake up, the first logo I see, is the Apple logo, seeing as I check my phone.
Next, I apply my "Pink Sugar" perfume.
Next, I usually use "Listerine" to clean my teeth.
For breakfast I usually have a Chewy granola bar, in peanut butter flavor.
For a drink I have Snapple, usually the diet peach flavor.
Next I usually go on the computer, and go to "Inter Pals", a website for meeting Pen pals around the world!
After the computer, it is time to go to the bus! My sister and I walk to the bus stop, and listen to Spotify, a music app.
While using Spotify, I usually listen to Falling In Reverse, or other bands.
Next, while on the bus, I Snapchat people!
In computer class, I use an HP computer.
When i get home, I use Instagram.
Even though I do not really listen to their music.. I incorporated this because it is Johnny Depp's band, and I love Johnny Depp. They're called the Hollywood Vampires. (do not listen to their band, it is not very good)
When I get home, I usually just watch Netflix the rest of the night.
For dinner, I like to have KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), because it is the best thing ever.
And, I usually watch and keep up with the newest Walking Dead news. And I incorporated Chandler Riggs into this image, because he is my babe.
Then I go to bed and dream of interesting things. That, is my life in Logos.

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