Homeless By:Avi Perez

My topic is about homeless.Homeless is a person/family with no home,& therefore typically living on the streets.In fact,in 2005,an estimation of 100 million (1 in 65) people worldwide were homeless.Majority of the homeless are men.
105 years ago,in 1912,about 7,000 people were homeless in Mississippi.Some of those people were living in churches,public buildings & army tents.Some people are affected of homeless by floods,tornados,etc.2 years ago,in January 2015,in just 1 night,564,708 people were homeless.
From 50 years from now,it will be different because we will have more opportunities.We can make it better by building shelter,donate.We can donate food,money & clothes.Another way is to respect them.By respecting them,is not laughing at them that they are homeless & at least giving them money.
What I can do as a student is volunteer to programs.Another way some fundraiser & then donate the money.Another solution is to donate some clothes.


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