COVID-19 Update for 3/25 by: grinesa bajrami

#1 The Current Count

Around the globe, there are now 471,417 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 21,295 of those resulting in death. However, 114,642 of people who have been diagnosed have recovered from the virus. In the United States, there are now 68,421 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,032 of those resulting in death. In Nevada, there have been 405 confirmed cases. The number of deaths in Nevada have now hit double digits with 19 people dying.

#2 In the United States

Due to the number of deaths in the United States passing 1,000, the senate has passed a two trillion dollar bill for coronavirus relief. The bill was passed with a vote of 96-0 and it is now being passed onto the house.

#3 In Nevada

President Donald Trump announced that anti-malaria drugs can be used for coronavirus treatment. However, Governor Steve Sisolak has limited the amount of anti-malaria drugs by signing an emergency regulation. The limit is only two to treat COVID-19 patients.

#4 In other News

Due to the pandemic, Texas has deemed almost all abortions "non-essential" and the procedures must be delayed. The order was issued to keep all medical resources to treat COVID-19 patients. Abortion right groups have argued that abortions should be considered an essential service. The order expires April 21, until then abortion providers can be fined or jailed for the operation.

#5 If you're bored

Since many states have issued for "non-essential businesses," gyms across the nation have closed. For those still wanting to workout, there are many online classes or YouTube videos to help people workout. These videos vary from simple workout regiments to different dance classes. These allow people interested in working out to stay fit while following social distancing.


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