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GEN7 Outdoors Channel


Since our beginning in 2015 GEN7 has grown to one of the leading outdoor TV channels with live streaming programming and on-demand videos. We started out with a basic website and in just a few months grew so much we moved to Roku. In 2017, we added Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, Google Play, Amazon app store and even more affiliates. We are always looking for ways to improve both GEN7 and the market reach for our producers.

GEN7 Outdoors Platform

Why You Should Air Your TV Show With Us

GEN7 Outdoors Streams Live Scheduled Outdoor Programming 24/7 in 1080 HD

Each Episode Is Aired 3 Times Per Week Morning Afternoon and Prime-Time

All TV Show's Past Episodes Are Available ON DEMAND for 12 Months

Our NEW Channel CAMO CRUSADE With 24/7 Live Stream And On Demand

Producers Can Add All Of Their Videos To Their GEN7 or CAMO Crusade Profile

Reach National Viewership On Multiple Platforms

NEW FOR 2019

GEN7 has implemented an improved strategy to reduce overhead cost for producers and provide producers full access to their episode ratings at all times. Going forward, we will be requiring producers to create their own dedicated Vimeo Account. This will give producers total control over their content. Here are a few of the beneficial features for producers

  • Under the Vimeo account, producers will have access to their own video analytics and customize players. Vimeo has advanced analytics that producers can use to evaluate each episodes performance and have results for the producers advertisers.
  • Producers will continue to be able to have commercials in their videos. These videos can easily be embedded to the producers websites with a custom player for personalized branding.
  • Producers can also replace their videos for any reason at any time and will not lose the old videos analytics, nor the original link address.
  • Producers can also create passwords to see videos and restrict domains from having access if necessary.
  • These are just a few benefits of having a Vimeo account.

By incorporating producers Vimeo videos directly into GEN7 all of the on demand views received from GEN7 and our affiliate platforms will be shown in the Vimeo Analytics under that producers Vimeo account. Now our producers will have the information they need at their fingertips.


ROKU 38.9 Million U.S. Users

Live Streaming 24/7 in HD and ON-Demand!

AMAZON FIRE TV 35.8 Million U.S. Users

Live Streaming 24/7 in HD and ON-Demand!

Google Chromecast 36.9 Million U.S. Users

Live Streaming 24/7 in HD and ON-Demand!

Android TV

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Outdoorsmen social network apps

Free Download on Apple and Android Devices

Watch Live Stream and On-Demand

Plus the Outdoorsmen Social Network Apps has many cool features!


Live Streaming 24/7 HD and On-Demand

Watch on any screen

All Producers Will Have 26 Weeks Of Scheduled Airtime Plus On Demand For 12 months.

Come And Be A Part Of The GEN7 Outdoors Family



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