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An Intro to TEPP & TAP

TEPP (Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Plan) helps people with disabilities buy phone equipment that makes communicating easier! TEPP helps cover the cost of a many different devices, such as: teletypewriters (TTY), amplified phones, headsets, and more! TEPP is a voucher program, which requires a co-pay of $100.

TAP (Telecommunications Assistance Program) helps pay the first $100 of TEPP, if a person has a qualifying disability and is considered low-income. An individual will need to answer a few more questions to receive this extra help--fortunately, you can apply for both TEPP & TAP on the same application!

Why TEPP Matters

TEPP not only keeps patients and parents connected to the people who matter most; TEPP also provides patients and parents with equipment that tears down barriers. With assistive technology, people can schedule appointments, report changes in condition or disability to a medical professional or social security office; they call nurse hotlines, renew prescriptions, and simply stay in touch. They also need the comfort and security of knowing help is just a phone call away.

How TEPP Works

TEPP provides a voucher amount based on the severity of a person's disability. Voucher amounts can be viewed here. Vouchers can be used after recipients pay the $100 co-pay.

How TAP Works

TAP pays for the first $100 co-pay amount, if you're determined to be financially eligible and have difficulty hearing. The TAP application requires additional information submitted with your application. View the requirements by clicking the "Info on TAP" button below.


Wisconsin residents with deafness, hearing impairment, speech impairment, mobility, and motion impairment are eligible for TEPP; the program is available to individuals regardless of age or income!

How to Apply

Apply for TEPP & TAP at the same time! When you fill out your TEPP application, fill out the income section too. Also provide a hearing loss certificate, if applicable.


By Mail

Additional Assistance

You can contact the TEPP administrator via email at: TEPP@Solixinc.com or contact ABC for Health by calling (608) 261-6939 or emailing info@safetyweb.org

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