The 3 Steps of Cellular Respiration by Alma De la Rosa

Cellular Respiration

About the Cellular Respiration

  • releases energy (ATP)
  • it's catabolic (breaks down molecules in to smaller units that can release energy or be used in anabolic reactions)
  • occurs in the mitochondria
  • makes 38 ATP total
Chemical formula of the Cellular Respiration

Major Steps in Glycolysis

  • takes place in the cytoplasm
  • breaks down glucose into pyruvic acid
  • occurs in the cellular respiration and fermentation (can happen with or without oxygen.
  • occurs in all living organisms
  • makes 2 NADH and has a net of 2 ATP

Major Steps in the Krebs Cycle

  • takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria
  • pyruvic acid breaks down into carbon dioxide (Co2)
  • makes 10 NADH, 2 FADH2, 2 ATP and 6 Co2
  • releases 2 ATP
Krebs Cycle

Major Steps in the Electron Transport Chain

  • occurs in the cristae of the mitochondria
  • uses NADH and FADH2
  • high levels of energy from the Krebs Cycle convert ADP into ATP
  • oxygen is used to produce water
  • produces 34 ATP total
Electron Transport Chain

Importance of Cellular Respiration Locally

Cellular respiration provides energy to all living organisms, to do necessary functions to maintain life. In Nampa, ID ( and many other places) cellular respiration is needed to grow crops such as potatoes, corn, onion, apples and many other types of foods that can be harvested (locally).

Importance of Cellular Respiration Globally

In cellular respiration, plants release oxygen, they make energy (ATP, NADH, ect...), and produce water. Cellular Respiration is important everywhere because without the products made by the plants, living organisms wouldn't be able to survive (including plants) and they'll eventually die


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