Christopher boone Wanna-be astronaut

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"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end" -Leonard Nimoy

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"The Logical Song" by Rave Allstars because I love logic and this is one of my favorite songs

about me

Hello. My name is Christopher John Francis Boone. I am 15 years old, 3 months, and 2 days. I live in Swindon, which is in England, which is apart of the U.K, or the United Kingdom. I live with my dad on 36 Randolph Street. Our neighbor, Mrs. Shears, dog was murdered. She lives in house 41 on Randolph Street. I want to find out who killed Wellington, the dog. You're probably wondering, "Where's his mum?" Well, my mum died two years ago from a heart attack in the hospital. My dad wouldn't let me visit her in the hospital, which I thought wad strange, but I listened to him anyway. I hate the colors yellow and brown and prefer red. On the computer, I love to play "Minesweeper." Siobhan said that writing this book is a good idea. I feel like Sherlock Holmes, who I love. I guess that's all about me.

My latest blog entry

Today has been very bizarre. While looking for my book containing clues I found to solve "Who killed Wellington?", I detected in every room except my Father's. I was very nervous because what would I find in Father's room? What if he could tell his room had been tampered in and I get in loads of trouble? Eventually, after finding many porn magazines, I found a shirtbox in my Father's cupboard with my book in it. I was very happy I found my book. But, I couldn't take the book because he'd know it's gone and that I have it. I could also probably reason with Father into him giving me the book back. But, then I saw an envelope. I picked it up and noticed it wad addressed to me. Then, I saw many other envelopes addressed to me. I was interested,but at the same time, I was very confused. I looked at the writing on the envelope and realized thay it was my mum's handwriting. At this time, my Father had closed the front door, calling out "Christopher?" I closed the shirtbox, left Father's room, went to my room and hid the envelope under my mattress. I had to be careful not to make a sound. He didn't suspect anything. Thankfully.

My interests and favorites

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Minesweeper
  • Red
  • Animals (Especially my rat, Toby, who doesn't have Bubonic Plague.)
  • Maths
  • Prime Numbers
  • Logic and numbers

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