Portraits Caleb Caruso

For this picture, i took it outside for my outside photo. I used outside to get natural light and i used center of interest to get a nice straight on shot. meh.
For this picture, i put the subject against a wall. This pictures uses the rule of thirds and i tried to put him against the wall but not against the wall at the same time (but you can't tell). meh.
This was another picture against the wall, but not against the wall. I used rule of thirds and had the subject look in to the photo rather than look out of the photo. meh.
I used the subject on her phone since that is what they are doing a lot of the time in their environment. I focused on the subject and used some of the light from the hallways in the school. meh.
This picture is the subject making a weird face for no reason. Not a good one. meh.
In this picture I got the subject while enthralled with the glass window. I got the subject looking inwards and focused. meh.
This one is just the subject leaning on a rail away from the wall. He doesn't look to happy. meh.
This photo was a birds eye view photo to get a new perspective. It just shows an average high school conversation at the school. meh.
This photo is just with natural light from the doors. It is the subject just posing and being somewhat in the rule of thirds. meh.

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