Traveling the organ Trail by oBW

April 14th 1849, Independence Missouri, tomorrow we are leaving for our 6 month trip Oregon. Everyone that is traveling is Louie age 18, Felicia age 4, Jeff age 5, Cole age 23, Ben age 25, Will age 44, and Ashley age 42. But today we are buying the supplies we need to buy 500 lbs of meat, 40 lbs of flour, 50lbs of coffee, 20 lbs of salt and pepper, 90 lbs of dried fruit, 2 dutch ovens, 20 bullets, 1 rifle. then we can only bring some of our most prized possessions like furniture and other needed materials. we need to sleep tight for our last day in independence and our last day sleeping on a bed for a while.
April 16th 1849, Near the Great american Desert, We left for oregon yesterday the first day we did a total of 12 miles. on the trip for our animal that is hauling our possessions is oxen. the reason we are using oxen is Because the horses have to eat specific food and cost more money, ,mules can be very stubborn and they don’t have very good meat if it comes down to it. Costs of animals horses $200, mules $75 each,oxen $25 each. First day was harder than I thought it would be ,but still we are going to make it and look for a new beginning.
April 25th 1849, Great American Desert, Today we have just hit a ginormous herd of bison and see a river ahead. in the herd of bison we have made an estimate of 100-200 thousand. The bison held us up for 2 hours and got a resting time at least. a normal day usually looks like, wake up at 4:30am, Eat breakfast at 5:00am, Start walking at 6:00am, Stop and eat a small lunch at 1:00pm, Take a rest at 2:00-2:30pm, Start walking again at 2:30pm, Stop and eat dinner at 7:00pm, Go to bed at 8:00pm, change watch guards at 12:00am. That is a normal day, but today looked like,wake up at 4:30am, Eat breakfast at 5:00am, start walking at 6:00am, Stop and eat a small lunch at 1:00pm, Take a rest because of the bison for 2 hours, start walking again at 2:30pm, Stop and eat dinner at 7:00pm, Go to bed at 8:00pm, change watch guards at 12:00am.
May 12th 1849, Grand Island, Today Jeff has just gotten the cholera disease while he is very sick we have to keep on going. We have stopped at grand island for a rest and see if we can get more food because we have only have 760 lbs left. All i am saying is that that is not enough for 4 more months of food. Tomorrow we will go on with our journey even if Jeff is still sick. We need to keep on going with our 4 more months of walking.
May 30th 1849, Lexington, Jeff is still recovering from the cholera disease ,and now Cole has caught the cholera disease along with Louie. yesterday we encountered another herd of bison and held us up for around 2 hours as well. Along with that we are now running low on supplies with only 300 lbs of food left. when we were coming into the last fort we saw natives and we were scared until their chief came up to us and pointed us down the organ trail and gave us food for our "long adventure" in his words.
June 29th, Glendo, Today we have lost my loving son Jeff. He live an amazing first five years on earth. To try to make that sad note happy is that cole is cured from the cholera, and that is what I lost Jeff to. we only have 50 lbs of food left all of our life is at stake for the next 2 months. We have been trying to find a river to go fishing at or more indians to trade with hopefully the next natives we encounter are going to be nice like the last indians.
July 20th, Devil's gate, Currently we have to make a decision because we are right in front of a river crossing either take the oxen off the wagon get them across and then float the wagon or go straight through. Will just stuck a stick into the water and said that the water is only 4-5 feet deep and so we decide to just go straight through the water. Oxen are ahead of the boat walking into the river right now all of the children are in the back of the wagon. We have had it easy for the first 1 third of the river. Then we hit the center and the rapids start pushing us south and the oxen are completely under water but the oxen keep going.
The oxen are oxen are currently drowning right now and Louie fell off the back from protecting the children from falling off we try to go back and save him but he screams and says " go on i am a lost cause save the children." while everyone is crying we have no choice we have to keep on going the oxen are still under water one isn't moving and the others look near death. the shore is just in reach and we will get there with two lost souls. One human and one animal.
November 10th 1849, Oregon, today we have hit our final destination... Oregon. At the end we only lost 3 lives one an animal and 2 humans. we have decided to settle in the fertile valleys just 2 miles west of the town. Our plan is to make our money off of farming. We will have two houses one for my family and one for my parents. CAnt wait to sleep on a bed for the first time in 5 months.
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