What Time Is It? You mean now? Yogi berra

"It Gets Late Early Out There"

Essentially what Yogi was saying here is just because you get old it doesn't mean your out of the sport or out of doing what you love. Also it means getting old doesn't mean you have to stop getting fit and being healthy. I've learned that age comes with more responsibility. With that comes less free time but I've found how important it is to stay consistent and to always improve on yourself.

"Little Things Are Big"

What he was saying here was even the small things you may think go unnoticed make a big difference. Even small insignificant stuff you do can make a huge impact later on. Sometimes the smallest things in my life mean the most and I've found that to be the same with a lot of other people. Focusing and being kind even in the small ways can be huge.

"It's So Crowded Nobody Goes Anywhere"

Yogi was saying that even though the world can be a busy place but it's important to not get caught up in all the commotion and it's important to enjoy life as it happens. To really appreciate everyone and everything. Being in the moment is important for me but I also know how important it is to focus on everything and not get tunnel vision.

"I Ain't In A Slum. I Just Ain't Hitting"

Yogi was explaining here that the best way to deal with a bad situation is to be positive and always believe in yourself. For me being positive is very important. Just because something isn't working out doesn't mean you have to be down about it.

"Ninety Percent Of The Game Is Half-Mental"

You gotta truly believe in your ability and in your skill. Yogi was speaking of how ones personal belief can have a lot of power over their skill. Personal belief is very important to me. Knowing in your ability and having full trust in your self is so important.

"I Really Didn't Say Everything I Said"

Yogi reminds us to watch our words. Your stories should be true. It's okay to use your imagination but to an extent. Telling lies will catch up to you. I love telling stories and jokes but I've learned it is so important to stick to the truth because if you lie you can really look like an idiot.

"Someones Got To Win And Someone's Got To Lose, And That Was Us"

This is all about sportsmanship and having a good feeling about winning and losing. A sorry loser is the worst and Yogi speaks against that here. Being competitive for me is important but at the same time accepting lose is also very important.

"Pair Up In Threes"

This passage is about laying down your ego and coming together. About being bigger than yourself and helping out others. Laying down your ego is big to me and so is helping others. That's why this one was big for me.

"If The World Was Perfect. It Wouldn't Be"

In a perfect world where everyone wins some don't. It just doesn't workout and that's what Yogi was saying here. This applies to me because dealing with others who aren't doing things your way is a big part of my everyday.

"Why Be Jealous Over Something You Don't Have"

Yogi was explaining here that being jealous over stuff you aren't even a part of is pointless. Being positive and uplifting to others is so important. This applies to me because I live in a big family and not getting jealous is very important.


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