In Glass - An interview with Saw Video Spotlight Award winners David Lee and Tim Hoare By tANISE MARCHESAN CABRAL

In Glass dismantles the notions of time and space in the narrative to represent the feeling of confinement. The short takes place in a small house and presents a loop of a small series of events. When asked about the inspirations for the movie’s story Tim Hoare described the cycle of banal activities performed in everyday life. Hoare wrote a short story called “Forgive me” where a man suffers from the routine of reliving traumatic experiences. Together with David Lee, in one of the first collaborations between the directors, they adapted the story to a script that was later called In Glass. Hoare tells more about his experience in the interview below:

Hoare and Lee defined their experience with Digi60 festival as the perfect opportunity to test film narratives and learn the dynamics of a set. As the production involved only one actor, one location and the short has within five to seven minutes length that made the steps from pre-production to post-production more suitable to the festival’s deadline.

Tim Hoare and David Lee in interview with the author.

As a collaborative form of art, film production has several layers of creative contribution on the making of a film. Hoare and Lee commented on the importance of their editor, Jason Dahl, on getting the right mood for In Glass. Dahl's experience with music brought a different rhythm to the editing adding vitality and defining the pace of the film. Where Hoare and Lee both worked on the script together Dahl also helped in the process of pre-production. Lee also acted and produced for In Glass, he tells more about his experience playing the different roles in the interview below:

For future projects Hoare and Lee are currently working on two different projects. Lee is on production of The Mandela Effect. The feature is going to gather all their favourite genres: sci-fi, time travel, fantasy and film noir. Hoare is the lead director of the short Rats, Raccoons & Robins. The short is a light comedy with a dark core. Lee leaves a final message to encourage other artists in the Ottawa community going after funding and grants: "Stay confident and believe in yourself!".

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