THE POWER OF WORDS By matt kasari

The power of words is a common theme throughout The Book Thief and its characters. The power of words is greatly demonstrated through the Nazi propaganda. "I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." Leisel. I believe that what Leisel is saying in this is that she is hurt by the way the Nazis abused words. I also think that she is saying that she loves the way some people in her life have used words and taught her how to use them. A good example of the power of words is how Nelson Mandela used the power of his words to stand up for what he believes in and what the power of one person can do with their words, and how it can impact a whole country. The Power of Spoken Words By Dr. Hyder Zahed states that the power of words is the the most powerful thing to exist. That it has the power to control a country as seen in World War II with the Nazis.


The kindness and cruelty of humans is greatly shown in The Book Thief from random acts of kindness to big acts of kindness and to the cruelty of the Nazis and their propaganda, their is no shortage of examples. Just to name a few of the kindness of humans shown throughout the book Rudy giving the teddy bear to the dying pilot and Ilsa letting Liesel read her books. A good example of cruelty is the Nazis and their sympathizers. “I guess humans like to watch a little destruction. Sand castles, houses of cards, that’s where they begin. Their great skill is their capacity to escalate.” Death makes the observation that humans like destruction and chaos, that we like to see others suffer. Although there are other acts that prove that not all humans like to see this happen such as our good characters in The Book Thief. A good real world of kindness and cruelty of humans is the way people act around Christmas and how people are always really giving and kind.


In The Book Thief there are many examples of the living owing the dead. One good example is the the relationship between Eric Vandenburge and Hans Hubermann. Eric saves Hanses life and hans feels he owns Eric his life so he save his son Max who is an Jew from the Nazis. An article that also mentions the responsibility of the living to the dead is an article by Jeehey Kim in which he talks about when someone dies in our life and they made a sacrifice for us we feel obligated to help in any way possible after they passed. a real world example of the responsibility of the living to the dead is to the people who have lost family members from a war. a few families that lost family members are the family members of Chris Kyle.


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