Furry Friends Why Not to Support the Fur Industry

Many fur farms raise animals in inhumane ways and use horrific methods when slaughtering the animals. Animals are kept in very cold temperatures and can freeze to death but that creates a thick fur, which the farmers want for profit.

This is what an otters fur coat looks like when they are healthy, free, wild, and in their natural habitat compared to fur farm otters. Otters are very curious quick moving animals that travel long distances during a day that enjoy playing, swimming, and dancing around in the water and that is all taken away from them when they are raised in the fur industry. When creating a 40 inch fur coat it takes twenty precious otters for the one coat.

Minks are playful animals but when they live in close quarters in fur farms they often become aggressive and turn to cannibalism to release their aggression, that sad action is displayed in this photo.

She needs fur more than we do.
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Kristen Smith


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