LZF - Skyline All you need to know.

Real Wood Veneer Lighting

Skyline - The Tailored Light

Skyline by estudi{H}ac: a lamp with a captivating vista from every angle.

Skyline is an imaginative and original LZF lighting fixture, one whose material composition marks a new direction for LZF. Designed by José Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac, Skyline mixes wood veneer, perforated metal sheeting, and tempered glass, to create a unique profile. Its surfaces, made up of different materials, heights, and widths, rise and fall, bringing to mind the architecture of a vibrant city skyline.

The light has two independent lighting sources. A direct diffused LED strip on one side and the decorative "skyline" on the other.

It is designed to swivel so you can use the direct light either facing downwards for maximum lumen output on the work surface, say in a office type situation, or facing upwards, using it as a way of creating a diffused light that bounces off the ceiling creating a soft warm glow.

Skyline Suspension

The intricate placement of the layers of material combined with the super slim electrical cables creates a floating Skyline of beauty and function.

Wood Veneer, Perforated Metal & Textured Glass

4 Steel Suspension Cables & 2 Coaxial Cables .

Dual Circuit - DC: Enables independent dimming and control of the decorative shades and the downlight

LED Integrated Dimmable: 120-277V.

Skyline Table

The table version of this lamp is a curious, yet perfect option for any hotel room. The perfect bedside companion, solid and impossible to knock off the table, skyline is dimmable and creates a warm bedside manner.

Wood Veneer, Perforated Metal & Textured Glass

Metal Structure, Perforated Metal & Back Plate or Base

The base can be ordered in 4 different metallic colors.

Electrical Cable with Dimming Switch.

Integrated Dimmable: 120V or 220V LED

Skyline Wall

The dual circuited ADA compliant Skyline wall is the perfect fixture to highlight a hallway in commercial or residential spaces. Its downlight lights the floor with a soft glow while the decorative uplight on the fixture can also be used for signage.

Wood Veneer, Perforated Metal & Textured Glass

Dual Direction Lighting Circuit - DC. Enables dimming & control of the shade and the downlight together.

LED Integrated Dimmable: 120 - 277V.

ADA Compliant

About ESTUDI{H}AC ...

Founded by José Manuel Ferrero, estudi{H}ac was conceived as a design atelier, one specialising in a tailored range of design, interior and architectural projects.

A keen traveler, Ferrero is inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of Phileas Fogg, the protagonist in Jules Verne’s 1873 novel Around the World in Eighty Days. He is especially fond of England and has much admiration for the tailors on Saville Row. Unpretentious, cultured, elegant and imaginative, Ferrero considers design a lifestyle that keeps him fully active as a creative individual.

LZF was born in Valencia, Spain in 1994...

among friends, on the shores of the Mediterranean, that inexhaustible source of light, calm and joy. We found that wood cut into thin sheets attached to a light source was exquisite company.

We build lamps like someone who sows dresses, polishes jewelry or models sculptures. We create harmonic, elegant, unique shapes. We select each sheet according to its grain, according to its transparency, we choose its color and we look after it as if it were a luxury fabric, taking care that its properties are adequate to create each volume. We believe in the power of light - that it can change a person’s mood, alter an environment, create peace and harmony — and have worked to introduce lighting collections that have an illuminating, artistic impact.


Santiago Relanzon, Angel Segura, Pablo Fuentes