Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 1-1 iPad program from Year 3?

Many school begin their 1-1 program from Year 3. Students in Year 3 are no longer in Early Learning and the curriculum demands are higher. Students from Year 3 are considered responsible enough to look after their own iPad at school.

Where can I buy an iPad from?

There are many retailers such as the Apple Store, Big W, Harvey Norman and JB HI FI. We do not have any commercial arrangements with retailers.

Is my child able to bring an Android or Windows device to school instead?

No. The device will not interact with other Apple products at the School and we will be unable to push applications to it.

Do I need to purchase any apps for my child’s iPad?

The School purchases applications through the Apple Volume Purchase Program, known as the VPP. We receive bulk discount rates for applications if we purchase more than 20 copies of an application. The School fees that you pay, help us to pay for applications.

Is it compulsory that I supply my child with an iPad?

Yes, if they are in Year 3 or above. Very special arrangements can be made due to financial hardship, but these need to be appropriately communicated with the school.

Will students have access to Microsoft Office?

All students are provided with an Office 365 account which includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive. Students are encouraged to store their files on OneDrive.

Are students given email access?

Students from Years 3 and up are provided with a St James’ email account. It will be in the following format: joe.bloggs@stjames.wa.edu.au. It is recommended students use Microsoft Outlook as their email client as this includes a calendar which teachers can add events to.

Will students still need to buy textbooks?

Textbooks are very infrequently used in the Primary School; however, textbooks are still required for students in Years 7 and above. We are gradually moving to ebooks and are phasing this in. Note that there is not a large difference between the price of a printed book and the electronic version.

My child is being cyberbullied. What do I do?

Please alert the teachers and arrange a meeting to address the issue. A screen shot can help us identify what is occurring.

Who is responsible if the iPad is damaged?

Students are responsible for their iPad. If it is damaged, the student or parent needs to have it fixed or replaced.

How often will I need to replace the iPad?

This will depend on a number of factors and is difficult to predict. Technology updates, storage capacity and how well the device is looked after will all play a role in how long it lasts; however, we envision devices will need replacing approximately every three years.

Are students able to print from their iPad?

Yes. Students use their Office 365 account details to login into an application called Papercut. They then print from the application they are working from. All students are supplied with a four-digit PIN which they can use to print from one of the School photocopiers.

Do I need to setup an Apple ID?

It is up to you whether you decide to have an Apple ID for the iPad. The School does not require you to have an Apple ID for the specific purchase of applications. The school ‘pushes’ required applications to the device using ZuluDesk, our mobile device manager.

What should I do if my child is spending too much time on their iPad?

Take it off them and negotiate allocated times. You as the parent are in control over the amount of time they spend on their device.

Will my child still write with a pen or pencil?

Yes, of course. It is a curriculum requirement for students to learn to handwrite. The iPads are tools just like calculators and rulers.

What do I do if my child left their iPad at home?

Allow them to learn from the experience. The student will be unable to participate in lessons requiring the iPad and will complete a different activity instead.

Are students able to use social media applications at school?

Many social media applications such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are blocked by the School; however, the Western Australian Curriculum requires teachers to teach students netiquette (Internet etiquette), the concept of a ‘digital footprint’ and how to communicate safely online. Some applications such as Microsoft Teams will be used in class as part of this topic.

Do I need any accessories for the iPad?

The following accessories are encouraged:

- A strong protective case for the iPad.

- The iPad (6th Generation) and newer supports Apple pencil which aids students in using the device.

- Bluetooth keyboard – this frees up the screen and some students find typing on it easier.

Why is my child’s iPad still restricted while they’re at home?

Occasionally the iPad does not disconnect from the School’s network correctly. This causes the iPad to remain restricted. Please report this issue to it@stjames.wa.edu.au

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