Cheetahs in Danger of Extinction, Researchers Say BY JAMES GORMAN


Only about 7,000 cheetahs can be estimated to roam this earth, this number is starting to decline due to the threats being made to their survival. The Wildlife Conservation Society, the Zoological Society of London and Panthera leads this study. Recently the International Union for Conservation of Nature changed the species’ status from vulnerable to endangered. Sarah M. Durant notifies that the center of the problems roots from the fact that three-quarters of the land the cats occupy in Africa and Asia are not being protected. These mammals suffer from a loss of habitats, they are hunted for game meat, and are captured for sale as pets.

The report cites the case of Zimbabwe, which lost 85 percent of its cheetahs from 1999 to 2015. The number of cats dropped to no more than 170 from about 1,200.

This article is noteworthy because it lets the reader realize that animals far across the world that might not live in your biome are becoming extinct every day. These cheetahs that one might find in a zoo might not seem to be endangered but they are. Sometimes things aren’t apparent until they are labeled endangered. Sarah M. Durant states that “the economic benefits of ecotourism and direct rewards for reducing poaching could be possible incentives” to help solve this issue. Zoo’s can put an effort into getting attention towards these endangered species just like they do with other animals. Also the government should get more involved in helping this issue be attacked.

Above is a video with more information! Check it out!

One issue is that the cheetah are so spread out,"two animals for every 38 square miles. The lowest concentration of the cats found, she said, was one per 1,500 square miles".
Big Takeaway

I chose this article in the first place because when I read the headlines, I didn’t expect to see an animal so popular like this being labeled as endangered. For some reason in my mind, I always assumed that there were a huge number of these large cats running around. When you go to a zoo or learn in class, you don’t have cheetahs popping first up in your mind when you think of endangered species. I learned that labeling something can make a big difference, and actually wake people up to an issue going on. But a species shouldn’t need a label of extinction to be suddenly cared about. The world needs to take things into action quicker before it is too late, before a species changes from extinction to: extinct.


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