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Italys flag

Gas N´ Go

car getting gas
  • The capital of Italy is Rome
  • The three largest cities Rome, Milano, Napoli
  • Italy is very modern, they have paved roads, an airport and electricity and also internet
  • Demographics and empolyment
  • Italy has 60 million people
  • The most spoken language is Italian
  • Major occupations are Textile industry, and tourism industry
  • Unemployment rate is 12.4%
Culture and Business in Italy.

Fashion plays a big role in the society of Italy, making most jobs require nice attire for both work related activities and for work related parties. Although both men and women are required to dress appropriately the gender roles in Italy are centered more so for the working man. Although men are more dominant in the work force many housewives have been taking their roles and working.

One of the Many Multinational Companies in Italy.

Italy does not expect gifts before a business meeting but they do have customs of having good work ethics and hiring people who exploit that feature. Italy has many multinational companies for example; Ferrero, Danieli Group and Fiat. Ferrero, a very successful candy company primarily centered around chocolate, shows that a successful company can be made by hard work. An example of their hard work is the vast amount of countries Ferrero is in( Austria, Canada, Germany, etc.).

Over 2016 the United States has had deficit of 21,006.1. Italy's largest exports are machines, engines and pumps, along with vehicles and electrical equipment. The main imports of Italy are crude petroleum, petroleum gas, cars, packaged medicament and computers. And there are no trade barriers to discourage trade.


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