Sheila's Manifesto Youth Development

I will listen to the voices of the young people that I work with.
I will maintain a positive attitude about the youth I work with even when those around me become negative. I will always see the best in the faces that are in front of me.
I will maintain balance between my work and life so as to avoid burn out, and ensure that working with youth is something I will do long term, and not just for a few years.
I will remain passionate and enthusiastic about my work with young people and young people's ability to change the world.
I will collaborate with co-workers, students, and community members to ensure my students' experiences are engaging, interesting, relatable, and relevant.
As a teacher, I will work to make sure my classroom is a safe, happy place for all, a place where tough questions can be asked without fear of being judged. In other words, students can be themselves in my classroom...and have some fun!
I will accept setbacks and failures and continue to work for and with young people to better our society. I will learn from my setback and failures, and allow them to make me a better youth worker as opposed to defeating me. I will not let setbacks and failures make me forget, why I got into education in the first place-the young people.
I will be a life long student as I will always strive for more knowledge and ways to be better at what I do.


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