Movie Hacks That Will Bring The Theater to You By: Madison Land

Being stuck at home because of this pandemic sucks, especially since we are all missing out on the movie experience; going to Galaxy Theaters on the weekend with your friends, going to see a movie, and staying at the theater until it closes. Fortunately, here are some hacks that will bring that movie experience to your house, COVID-19 free.

Hack #1

You can rent out a movie theater and host a private movie showing with friends. It's COVID-19 safe, and affordable depending on how many people you invite.

Hack #2

Add the Chrome extension "Scener" to your computer to watch Netflix, Hulu, and more with friends and family all while social distancing in your home. It also has a video call feature where you can face chat while watching a movie or show.

Hack #3

Struggling to find a movie to watch? Use "Netflix Roulette" to have a random movie or show chosen for you. You can input what genre you might be looking for, ratings, and more to find the perfect movie to watch with other people, or just by yourself.

Hack #4

Make that delicious movie theater popcorn right in the comfort of your home using this simple and easy recipe below.


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