Salvador Dali

the Dream

Salvador Dali was the artist of this painting shown above. He was Born is 1904 and died in 1989. Dali paints fictional things and things he sometimes finds in a dream. He was known as a Spanish surrealist painter. His paintings were often used for the renaissance era. He uses oil paints and linseed oils to paint along with any material you can think of. Salvador was very outside the box and his favorite tool to use while painting was a Jen. which is a sponge like paintbrush. most of his painting are worth 3.6 million dollars on an average.

a painting within a painting.

This painting had its difficulties but i did it because i was scrolling through dalis paintings and i saw one similar to this and thought it was a cool concept. The two paintings aren't identical but i made more spots in the easel paintings different because no art piece is done with no difficulties. Dali inspired me for this project because he works with surreal and imaginary paintings and I've never quite done that before and i thought it was new and fun.


Created with images by Upstate Options Magazine - "Acrylic Painting of Salvador Dali by Joe Everson."

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