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Anne Frank Boigraphy

Exploring Amsterdam

Anne Franks House

Anne Franks house was where they hid during ww11.It was both the dads business and there home.It was located in Amsterdam,Germany with busy sidewalks and canals.It very famous for where they hid which is the secret annexe and for the diary being written there.

Secret annexe

This is the secret annexe where the Frank family and a couple friends stayed during the holocaust and ww11.They stayed in these small rooms for many months hiding from the Nazis.Anne Frank wrote her famous diary giving a first person perspective on what the Jews went through.

Nuremberg Laws

The ww11 Nuremberg law was a way the Nazi Germans found out if you were a Jew or not.This law prohibited them from having sexual relations with Jews or Germans.Jews couldn't marry a German or another Jew.The law would find out your grandparents and if you have three to four then your were a Jew under that theory which was the Law.The Nuremberg was a racial theory for the Jews that the Nazis made.The law also took away a lot of there political right.If a Jew was to violate one of these laws they would be put in prison and induced to hard labor.


Propaganda is used by famous people or leaders to get people to think a certain away about a certain way about something or someone.

Propaganda can be name calling to a rival of that person or a whole group of someone.Another use of propaganda is testimonial and that is when someone famous makes one of there products seem really good and that it is the best.

Propaganda is also used as fake information or rumors to get an opinion on society.Propaganda is a way to convince people into thinking what you are thinking.Many people use it in there speeches and it is also used in commercials you see in tv.


Otto Frank

Otto Frank was born in Frankfurt Am Main on May 12,1889.He had two siblings a brother named Herbert and a sister named Helene.His father Michael the leader of there family bank which where they did currency trading.When world war one started Otto was drafted into the military.Luckily Otto survived the war and the same with his family.

Peter Van Pels

Peter was born in Osnabruck,on November 8,1926.Peter doesn't have any siblings.In Anne's diary it describes Peter as being hypersensitive and lazy.Ita also says that Peter wansted to go Dutch East Indies to live on a rubber plantation.

Fritz Pfeffer

Fritz was born in Giessen on April 30,1889. His family are strongly Jewish and is remains the same way.The family owned a clothing store in the city.After High school Fritz He studies to try to become a dentist.In 1926 He gets married to Vera Bythiner.He then later has a son named Werner on April 3,1927.

Victor Kugler

Victor was born in Hohenelbe,on June 6,1900.Victor was a very good student In school.He excels in history,geography,religion,and did well in gymnastics at the time.After his vacation he then attended many jobs.

Act 1 Summary

In act 1 one we learn about all of the characters including Anne,Margot,Mrs.Frank,Mr.Frank,Mrs.van daan,Mr.van daan,and Peter.Later we then see Düssel stay them.They all get along except for the Van daans,Düssel,and Anne.We consistently see Anne fighting with them over little things and they just don't like each other at all. Since Anne is a teenager we see her going through changes and her becoming a young lady.With that she fights with her mom saying that they dint have anything in common so she always goes to her dad.The way they get food is by Miep and Mr.Krahler.They will come on weekends to deliver food and tell them about the news regarding world war 11 and the Nazis.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Warsaw ghettos uprising took place at the same time as World War 11. It started on April 19, 1943- May 16, 1943. The amount of deaths for the Jewish fighters was 13,000 and the deaths for the German soldiers was unknown but wasn't more than 300. The total amount of deaths with everyone was 71,000. The Jewish morale was helped by Poland by providing them with explosives and other weapons to fight of the German soldiers.


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