Transformation Evolving An existing decorative finish in an already amazing room on Park Ave

In this Morroccan inspired room, the interior designer wanted to add architecture to the walls.

The window casings lined with our custom hand-painted with digital print overlay wallpaper
Close-up view of our custom hand-painted with digital print wallpaper

The existing wall finish is a highly polished yellow Venetian plaster. The designer's vision was to add alternating 3" horizontal stripes spanning the girth of the room, keeping one set of stripes the existing finish.

Sample approval

We started with the idea of either lighter or darker yellow alternate stripes. The approved sample was the darker version on the right.

We suggested to make the alternate stripe natural and more matte to contrast the existing polished wax finish.

Once the layout began, it is important to figure what color goes first. By starting from the top with the lighter stripe, it increases the perspective size of the crown.

We laid out the lines with laser accuracy and taped off every other stripe. One of the most difficult parts in the process is removing the existing wax without ruining the tape and line.

The Color shift

Color inspiration

Although we had an approved sample prior to starting, the idea of color started to shift. Instead of just increasing the intensity of the existing color, we started to suggest pulling colors from around the room.

Once the discussion of color broke open, the designer and client started to be drawn in to blue of the tape.

I snapped this progress panorama shot and we quickly moved from a darker yellow stripe to a stripe somewhere in the blue family

Blues & greens

Inspiration from colors in the apartment, Instagram, and books, The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge, and, The Splendor of Cuba

Back to the drawing table

4 additional samples produced in attempt to reach a satisfying alternate stripe color

Wax fully removed and 2 coats of textured primer applied in neutral bluish green hue, waiting for color approval

Sample approval: round 2

Friday and Saturday correspondence with designer
The yellow & blue with variation in scale for stripes
The designer and client changed hues and now want a more aged look to both the blue and the yellow. We will no longer keep the polish waxed in the yellow.
Aging effect with dripped plaster
Layout and taping remaining portion of the room

Applying plaster texture

Dried filler coat

Distressing the line

Addition of plaster drips and patina and then pushing them back into the plaster finish
Added accent stripe between crown and wall

Completed room

View from living room
Completed room in the evening
Created By
Jeff Pollastro
In Blues & Greens section 3 photos taken of pages from The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge; 1 screenshot taken from Instagram profile paperandpencilco

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