DWF Law Firm Ranked #1 law firm for quality in the UK


  • DWF was founded in Liverpool in 1977.
  • Since 1977 it has expanded its headquarters to 16 major cities in the UK.
  • It also provides services mainly to the USA, Canada, France, South Africa, China, and Russia.

Reasons to love DWF:

  • Opportunities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Values

DWF offers:


  • £12,000 a year plus benefits
  • 2 years of experience
  • Covers all training costs
  • At the end all participants receive a certificate of Higher Education (equivalent to a first year of a law degree)
  • Leads to a qualification to become a solicitor

Full time:

  • Starting Salaries for the legal sector is £45-60k
  • Benefits: 9 weeks paid vacation, 52 week maternity leave (32 weeks is paid), and 2 week paid paternity leave.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Focus on the environment

  • DWF has achieved the ISO14001 certificate
  • Recycles 80% of annual waste
  • Reduced paper use by 15% and carbon emissions by 0.6 tonnes.

Corporate Values:

  • DWF relies on employee self management.
  • Employees set their own work schedule.
  • Everyone is treated with the same respect (CEO - Custodian)
  • Diversity is celebrated

“ Our approach to diversity is to ensure it is not only present in terms of our policies but visible in practice throughout the firm and something I view as critical to our plans for future growth.”

- Andrew Leaitherland, CEO & Managing Partner







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