Mohandas Gandhi Lawyer/INDEPENDENCE Leader

I am Mohandas Gandhi and I was born on October 2nd, 1869. I was born in Gujarat, India. I am deeply devoted to Vaishnavism. When I was 19 years old I moved to London to study law at the Inner Temple. I am a firm believer of self-discipline and non-violence. I moved back to India and started my own law firm but it failed. I soon accepted a job at an Indian law firm, that sent me to South Africa where my life began.

When I was on the way to South Africa I bought a first class ticket. On the way there a man came up to me asking me why me (a colored man) was in a fist class seat. I tired to explain that I was a lawyer and that I bought the ticket but they didn't believe me and they kicked me off the train.

In 1919 when the British passed the Rowlatt Acts, I did not support them at all. I launched a passive resistance campaign to show how I didn't support it. After violence broke out I gave up because I believe in non-violence. This shortly turned into a massacre and it was devastating.

India wanted self government and we didn't want Britain to control us. I started the non-cooperation movement in 1920 to try and get self government for India. This movement was supposed to be non-violent. We boycotted the governments educational institutions, the courts, government services, foreign food, elections, and we refused to pay taxes. This ended in another massacre killing hundreds of Indians.

The British introduced a new tax on salt in 1930. I started a 24-day March to show civil disobedience for the taxes on salt. This march gained worldwide attention. This walk was supposed to be 240 miles and originally had 78 people signed up to walk with me but as we walked on many others joined us. On April 6th 1930 at 6:30 am I broke the salt laws and this caused many other Indians to join the march. On the 4th of May 1930 I got arrested and stayed in jail for almost year, as I was in jail the salt tax was still going. This ended with failure in major concessions from the British.

On January 30th of 1948 I was killed. I was shot by Nathuram Godse. The next day as I was being carried through streets to get cremated on the banks of the Jumna River which is very holy. 1 million people followed my body as I was being carried away.


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