Gardening for Wildlife in Canada A wildlife-friendly yard in the ottawa Valley: January 2017

It's the first week in January, 2017, and our wildlife-friendly yard in the Ottawa Valley is encased in ice after a freezing rain event.

The upright branches of a Russian olive curtsy under the weight of accumulated layers of ice.
Pine boughs bow to the majesty of the elements.
American goldfinches adorn these glistening maple branches as elegantly as Christmas tree lights
An American goldfinch glances out the window of its icy chamber in an American bittersweet arbor
Ornamental crab apples create temptation for both overwintering and migrating birds
The key to survival for some species of wildlife - Manitoba maple
On of many juncos here in the yard
A popular red squirrel abode and one-time robins' nest

Some birds in the yard in the New Year

Wildlife in an hour
Shy white-breasted nuthatch
American goldfinch does a decent impression of a cranky angel
European starlings perched in twinkling maple branches

Mike contemplates his next brilliant shot in the back yard.

It's always a privilege!

Created By
Susan Gallinger


Michael J. Gallinger

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