Every business has a story to tell. Inspiring stories about starting small and growing fast, opening the doors of opportunity to a new generation, and building stronger communities. And daunting stories of challenge, setback and perseverance. In 2019, we listened to those stories and shared them louder and further than ever before, giving the employer’s voice strength that can only come with numbers.

Thank you for sharing your story and helping us amplify the message that free enterprise can improve lives and strengthen communities.

Individually, the employer’s story is compelling. Collectively, it can change the world.

Kris Johnson, President | Fran Forgette, Board Chair

“It needs to be said over and over again: Capitalism is the greatest force for ending poverty and lifting up human beings in the history of the world.”

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-2019) and South Carolina Governor (2011-2017), speaking at AWB’s Spring Meeting

AWB’s mission to be a catalytic leader begins here in Washington communities, but reaches around the world. That was evident during our first-ever foreign trade mission to Japan in March. Thirty AWB members and other statewide leaders, including Department of Commerce Director Lisa Brown and Department of Agriculture Director Derek Sandison, visited with top leaders in Japan. The trip built upon the close commercial connections between Washington and its third-largest trading partner. Altogether Japan purchased $5.4 billion worth of Washington-made goods in 2017. AWB’s delegation also celebrated the close ties created by baseball and Seattle Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki, who announced his retirement with AWB members on hand.

“I had pretty high expectations for the event and the Housing Forum delivered on multiple levels.”

Heidi McCutcheon, Executive Director of the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce

Images from the 2019 Manufacturing Week AWB Bus Tour

“AWB members have a story to tell. I think when we tell our story it resonates, and loudly.”

Dave Hamilton, President, Delivery Express

AWB brings together employers of all types, sizes and perspectives to advocate for core issues: bringing economic prosperity to all corners of the state; providing high-quality education and workforce development; connecting us with reliable infrastructure; encouraging innovation and job creation; fostering a resilient, thriving business climate; and working together to make sure our communities are vibrant.

AWB Amplified and AWB News had a breakout year in 2019, resulting in eight news packages that allowed Washington employers to tell their stories and be heard.

AWB turned up the volume on its messaging and communications with a new video feature, AWB Amplified. Debuting during the 2019 legislative session, AWB Amplified examined issues like the capital gains tax, predictive scheduling, a low-carbon fuel standard, the impact of an increased B&O tax and more. The series received recognition from the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Images from the 2019 D.C. Fly-In, Grassroots Partnership and Policy Summit

“Anything that AWB brings to the table I feel is vetted and trustworthy, dependable, reliable...”

Holly Roso, owner of TravelChair and AWB HealthChoice member

AWB helps employers achieve more. Our member services help the smallest employers offer world-class products and benefits for their employees. From affordable, high-quality health insurance (HealthChoice) to professional 401(k) services (MyFuture), we bring together professional resources for thousands of small businesses. Our CompWise retrospective rating program helps improve the experience of employers with the workers’ compensation system.

Our CompWise retrospective rating program helps improve the experience of employers with the workers’ compensation system. And to celebrate all the ways that AWB members are changing their communities for the better, we present a series of awards recognizing innovation, advocacy and all manner of overall excellence.

“We’re a small company, and for us to offer the level of comprehensive care that we do is really important, and our employees really value it. We regularly price out our health care coverage, and year in, year out, HealthChoice has provided us the most comprehensive plan, and in speaking with our employees, it provides what they want, and that’s the most important thing.”

Dwight Jones, General Manager for Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle

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