Vulnerability of the Meek By Esperanza Muñoz

Universal Theme: In times of struggle, the vulnerability of the meek becomes prominent.

Of Mice and Men

"' Well next time you answer when you spoke to!'" (Steinbeck 26)
"CUrly stepped over to lennie like a terrier. 'What the hell you laughin' At?'"(steinbeck 62)

Quote 1: Said by Curly, a very defensive character.

Quote 2: Also said by Curly, who was trying to "defend" himself.


" 'It must be nice,' she said. 'It must be very nice. I wish women could do such things.' 'It ain't the right kind of life for a woman,' " (Steinbeck 6)

Men took the money making jobs and jobs in general, while women (the "meek" in this situation) sat at home and took care of the house and children. This was evident and thus was a key component in the oppression of women.


"SudDenly mIss morgan felt Fear rising in her. The road was deserted-She had read stOries of half-witS," (SteiNbeck 6)

Tularecitos disability seen as a scary story


(You knew this was coming). In the tournaments that qualify us for State Qualifiers, it's cut-throat. If you hit a new team,or team that isn't as strong, you go straight to there weak arguments.

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