Welcome To the Neighborhood! By: Carly m, Carly C, Charlotte, and liLy

Welcome to first century Palestine! This is the market where people spent much of their time. Most towns were dependent on agriculture and farming, so the market was a place where they could buy and sell goods. The market was the hub for activity and socializing during this time period.

Uh oh! It looks like you have run into a tax collector. They were despised by the people of the first century because they collected taxes for the Romans. Rome was allowed to collect these hefty taxes because they were under Roman rule.

It is not your lucky day! A violent fight breaks out in the middle of the marketplace, it must be the Zealots! They are defenders of the Torah who oppose the Roman occupation of Palestine. They often target Romans and Greeks and are not afraid to get violent.

On your stroll through the market, you see a typical Palestinian home. They were comprised of a few rooms, walls of stone and mud, and had flat roofs.
Next you walk past a community of Essenes, they live together in communities and have very strict rules for the sabbath.
You realize you forgot to pick up your lamb to sacrifice to the priests for sabbath this week, but luckily there is a stand where you can buy animals

You spot a group of Sadducees and Pharisees arguing. They have very different beliefs on the idea of scripture.

You meet a friendly Jewish farmer named Mark, he is complaining to you about his day. He has to wake up everyday before dawn, plow his whole plot of land with hand tools, and then return to his family for dinner. He wants you to join him and his wife for dinner because she is always making too much food!

This is Mark's wife, Ruth, her typical day consists of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner and caring for the children. Our meal consisted mostly of vegetables and bread. After dinner we learned about scripture and danced the night away!

You are exhausted after a long day of exploring the neighborhood, time to go to sleep and explore more tomorrow!

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