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Psalm 119:1-2 How blessed are those whose way is blameless, Who walk in the law of the LORD. How blessed are those who observe His testimonies, Who seek Him with all their heart.

We all know of certain words that when we hear them, they immediately cause us to feel something, bad or good; we cannot help but react to them. Years ago, before I entered the ministry, I worked in a hospital as a respiratory therapist. A co-worker of mine had a real problem with certain medical terms, just the words made her sick to her stomach. Obviously, she could not last long as a respiratory therapist and had to overcome the connection she had between these words and nausea.

What about other words that is not so obviously unpleasant as these? Think about words like; submissiveness, obedience, the Law and guilt. They may not make you sick to your stomach, but I am certain they will trigger a reaction. Is your reaction to these words, even in general, a negative or positive one? If we were to be completely honest, the idea of submissiveness and obedience tend to be negative. “Law” is constricting, and seems to infringe upon our “rights” and how about “guilt”? Well no one wants to be guilty or even feel guilty. These words rub us the wrong way because they go against our sinful nature. Our sinful nature wants us to delight in our independence, our self-rule, and our right to do as we please. Our sinful nature tempts us to think that our happiness lies outside of God’s Word. From the day we are born, we begin to demand our own way and resist authority until by God’s grace; it dawns on us that we were designed by Him to be governed. We struggle to be content as we are governed by; parents, older siblings, teachers, government, bosses and ultimately, God! Moments before his conversion, the Lord revealed to Saul that, “It is hard for you to kick against the goads.” (Acts 26:14) A goad is a long, pointy stick used to “encourage” oxen to head in the right direction by an uncomfortable poke on the backside. Christ reveals to Saul that he was resisting God law while he persecuted Christians. When we are not walking in the Law of the Lord (Psalm 119:2) we are kicking against God’s authority. In today’s text we see that there is a path of the resistant and a path of the blameless.

There are a couple words in vs. 1 that probably bring a better response from us then submissiveness, obedience, Law and guilt; they are: blessed and blameless. We tend to seek the blessings, but want to bypass the submission to God’s Word that brings it. When we walk in the law of the Lord we are blessed and blameless. The psalmist sets up an IF/THEN scenario, something we are familiar with. Computer language is built upon if/then situations. The code is written so that IF a certain key is hit THEN a certain program will open. Thousands of inter dependent if/then scenarios are within the simplest program. The psalmist writes that IF we seek to be blameless, righteous and blessed, THEN we must do something! Now, blessed does not mean winning the lottery! Blessed refers to contentment, completeness, having the integrity of a solid foundation that any well-made structure would have. Let me encourage you, it is right to seek happiness. Christians must not mope around as poor slobs with miserable jobs. We are blessed and blameless in our obedience. We can walk upright and joyously as obedient children who are set free from the burden of disobedience. IF we seek to be blessed and blameless, THEN we must do something.

Meditation Points – When finished, pray about what your answers may reveal.

1. Being “deep down” honest, what do the words submit, obey, law and guilt conjure in your mind? How might they compel you to resist God?

2. What keeps you from being truly blessed and blameless in seeking Christ with all your heart?

3. What must impact your life so profoundly that you will yearn to follow Christ eagerly, seek Him constantly and know only righteousness?


What must we do to be truly blessed and blameless? The answer lies within these first two verses. It is that choice you and I must make to do three things: walk, observe, and seek. Picture yourself on a journey that fills you with joy, even if the road gets rough. This journey requires three things; you must walk along the right path as you observe the guardrails that keep you from straying, all the while you must seek your final destination with all your heart.

“Are we there yet?” is the mantra of every family vacation! No sooner does the family’s minivan pull out of the driveway on their way out west than the kids ask, “Are we there yet?” The anticipation of the destination brings joy, but if dear old dad wanders from the road or the right direction, they won’t make it. So is the message of Psalm 119:1-2. This psalm is going to teach us to love the Law of God, to feel differently about His Word; walk, observe and seek Him with all our heart (Verses 3-4).

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