Job Start Supports A Financial Support to Cover Cost of Supplies Needed to Begin Work

Examples of job start supports:

• Essential work clothing

• Personal grooming and hygiene supports

• Food Safe and Responsible Service BC Certificates

• Essential work supplies, tools and equipment

• Gas cards or bus tickets

*Other items may be covered, please see a case manager for further details.

How does this service work?

Please obtain a letter from the employer on company letterhead that states:

• Date employment begins

• Position hired for

• Number of hours per week

• Hourly rate of pay

• Date of first pay

Once you have obtained the offer of employment letter please make an appointment with a WorkBC case manager.

If you are unable to provide the letter, we can accept an email from the employer or if that’s not possible, a contact number and name so that we can call them.

Getting Started…

Job starts are ideally done before the position begins but in certain circumstances can be done shortly after employment begins.


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