The Stompies

The current version of The Stompies is a finely honed engine of musical originality wrapped inside a package of melodic familiarity and traditional resonance - that's pop songs with a side order of folkiness to the unpretentious.

Two guitars, bass, vocal harmonies, fiddle, melodeon, bodhran, shaky things, along with the occasional ukulele, and flute all combine to provide The Stompies with a signature sound that allows the band to lay claim to folk credentials; they throw in a variety of traditional and not-so-traditional tunes to back up that banner, but this is less a band of folk, and more a band of the classic song.

Original subject matter ranges from the political to the personal, from fiction to fact and is combined with a menu of cover versions with which you won't be familiar; we play other people's songs because we love them, we play our own because we have no choice; its what they demand.

The Stompies are always to be found hosting the world-famous and carefully curated Alvechurch Acoustic Roots, a (more or less) monthly smorgasbord of performing talent that attracts performers and audiences from B48 and way beyond. In recent months they have ventured further afield. With an album to promote and an increasing wanderlust The Stompies would love to bring their music to your doorstep, stage, front-room or barn.

You can contact The Stompies by email.

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