Nate Saint On a Wing and a Prayer

Nate Saint was a honest hard working man. He flew supplies to missionaries who might need them. He flew sick people from Ecuador if they were really sick.

Nate Saint was born on August 30,1923. He was born to Lawrence and Katherine Saint. His father Lawrence made and restored stain glass windows. His mother Katherine was a stay at home mom. He was the youngest of eight children. Nate Saint had some awesome childhood experiences. He had a roller coaster in his backyard and his brother let him pilot an airplane at age seven with some help, of course. Nate Saint lived in Pennsylvania until he went to the Air Force in World War II.

Nate Saint's education was very brief. The only education he had that is recorded is when he went to Wheaton College. After that he left for Ecuador.

Nate Saint married Marjorie (Marj) Saint on February 14, 1948. Nate Saint had three children Steve Saint, Kathy Saint, and Phillip Saint. Nate Saint's sister Rachel Saint was also a missionary. Rachel would come take care of his kids while he was away.

When Nate Saint was young he got osteomyelitis (a bone infection) in his right leg. Nate Saint continued to get worse until one day when he decided to ask God into his heart after that he finally got over it. Nate Saint reached many lost tribes. In fact Nate Saint died trying to reach out to people. We should remember Nate Saint because he was a hard worker and a very talented pilot but he also found time for the Bible no matter what time of day.

Nate Saint was killed in Curaray River in Ecuador. Nate Saint was killed by the Huaoroni Indians on January 8, 1956. The operation was named Operation Auca. It was a attempt to reach out to the murderous Huaoroni people. Nate Saint's memorial is a children's school that his wife started in Ecuador.

Nate Saint was a Martyr who was willing to risk his life because he knew and was warned several times that the Indians would most likely kill him like they did all other people who tried to reach out to them but he still went. To me that shows courage, honor, commitment, and a flat out love for God. To me that is a hero I don't know about you but that's just me.

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