5AM-Wedjat Eye Amulet By: Andrew Bingham, Luke Mooinico, Maggie Saue, Olivia Alicea


Wedjat eye amulets were among the most popular amulets of ancient Egypt. These amulets represented many things. These amulets were so popular that many people in every social class had one. The small difference between each social classes amulets was the gems. In the top class most had the highest quality gems. The lowest class had low quality gems. The amulet is one of the most popular objects in egyptian history.



These amulets were very popular between all types of people. The people who wore these amulets probably wore this because they thought looks were important and liked to look good. Also they might have wanted to fit in with the rest of egypt. This contributed to social change by giving people in all social classes a common artifact. The cultural values that the amulet provided had a wide range. One was that it gave people something in common. For example, someone is walking through the streets and a complete stranger is next to them. These people are both wearing amulets. They now have something to talk about and aren't looking at each other awkwardly.

People wearing these amulets probably acted like they were very important. These people would probably walk around with a lot of confidence. They acted this way because they knew that they could fit in with almost all of the social classes. This probly gave them a sense a power and confidence. This power and confidence could lead these people to do many different things. Both good and bad for egypt. A good example would be, if someone in the lower social class had something very important to say to a person in a higher social class. Then if they lower class member was wearing an amulet the member of the higher class might listen to them. An example for the bad one could be, that is a person in a low class could think that they are now part of the higher class and could insult someone. There could be positive and negative affects because of the amulets. All in all the amulets really brought a city together



The wedjat eye means royal family and also good health and more. Here are some dates of the wedjat eye This is the date of the wedjat eye ca. 1070–664 B.C. Also this is who purchased the wedjat eye Edward .s Purchased a artifact called a Wedjat Eye he purchased it in 1926. Furthermore some of the measurements of the wedjat eye is The height of the wedjat eye is 0.8 cm length 1.3 cm thickness : 0.2. Finally about the material of the wedjat eye The material of the wedjat eye is Egyptian Faience.

Why did people wear amulets? They were them because they were very valuable and they could be very intense. What I mean like that is that people really want that jewelry because it worth a lot and it can make them rich. People also wore them because there was such a story behind each amulet. Also each amulet had so much meaning. The people who made these probably put lots of time into each amulet. They probably started with eye.



These amulets are from Ancient Egypt. They were so popular that many people in every social class had them. The poor and the rich. The slaves and the Pharoahs. The Pharaohs had fancy amulets because they associated with the people who made the fancy ones since they had more money to pay for them. The poor people associated with the people who made less fancy, and less expensive amulets because they had enough money to pay for the inexpensive Wedjat Eye Amulets. The slaves probably wore rags and not very nice clothes, so they probably don’t have very nice Wedjat Eye Amulets since they can’t afford them. The richer people who wore much nicer clothes probably had fancier and better Wedjat Eye Amulets than the poor people. It is important for the poorer people as well to wear Amulets because it would make them feel involved with the rest of the people in Egypt.The types of Wedjat Eye Amulets people have (beautiful, or not, fancy, or not) depend on the social classes of everyone who has them.

People also wore these Wedjat Eye Amulets. They represent stories of the sungod Ra. These people were probably feeling important when they had the Wedjat Eye Amulets because they are representing a god people like that. People in the lower social classes felt special and important and alike with the other people in the higher social classes. They both would have a Wedjat Eye Amulet even though they may have been different qualities. They would feel as though they are contributing in society. The slaves and farmers who had the not as good quality amulets didn’t have very well paying jobs because because they didn't have enough money to pay for the better amulets. The people in the higher social class had better amulets. In addition, the people in lower social classes probably ate the crops from their fields mostly since a lot were farmers. Also, the geography caused there to be lots of crops because the weather was good for it. The higher social classes had bigger and better foods. To sum it all up, geography influences who, and why people have the Wedjat Eye Amulet.



The people who wore the amulets were the richer Egyptians like the kings queens and the pharaoh’s. The people who wore the amulets lived between the 1070’s and the 664’s BCE. The people wore the Wedjat Eye Amulets because, they thought that they had a lot of power and that they were rich. Also, the people that wore the amulets probably thought that how they looked was important. The people wanted to fit in with the higher Social Classes. The Wedjat Eye first appeared in the Late Old Kingdom. The Wedjat Eye was used until mummification until it was no longer around in the Roman Period (30 BC- AD 395).The people that wore the amulets probably thought that they were powerful and rich. You could be rich or poor to wear the amulet’s.

I noticed, that they wanted to fit in with the higher social class because then they could say that they wore the amulets to and get along with the richer people. If they were in the higher social classes they wanted to have similarities with the higher social classes so they could talk about things and the richer people and they could get along. They felt happy and not happy at the same time. They were not happy because they had to work for the rich constantly they waited on them hand and foot. I noticed are happy because they got to dig up gold and they found artifacts. In conclusion, here are the things an archaeologist would think about The Wedjat Eye!

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