Support, Protect, Stabilize March 2020

What a difference a day makes....

I had my March blog all figured out: theme, pictures, announcements. Yep - all planned out until a global pandemic knocked on our door and disrupted life as we know it.

I'm not going to fill this space with advice on hand-washing or where to find toilet paper.

Instead, I'm going to focus on these three words...

Support : Protect : Stabilize

Those three words are the primary function of the human connective tissue system.

Our fascia, with all it's billions of cells, extra cellular matrix, proteins, fibroblasts, proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors - and the myriad of other properties - has three priorities: to support, protect and stabilize us.

That's BIG work.

So as I was pondering how to shift the focus of this writing, it occurred to me that these three words are just what we need to do


And that's BIG work.

In this suddenly crazy time, with new terms like social distancing and self-quarantine; with schools and businesses closing, classes cancelled, the sports world coming to a sudden halt - we need to support each other, protect ourselves, and stabilize our reactions.

Just a few days ago, I didn't dream I'd be cancelling classes through the end of March (at least). I was focused on starting my training for MELT Level Three, and looking forward to traveling to New York City in April to complete that training with 50+ fellow MELT Instructors and MELT creator, Sue Hitzmann. There is nothing like being in the presence of that kind of energy.

Now, that training is rescheduled to the fall and we are all navigating a whole different reality than we were at the beginning of this month.

So I invite you to think about ways to support, protect and stabilize yourself, your family, your community.

Stay grounded, centered and positive.

Stay connected - body, mind and soul.

Be energetic, be a force of light, and be grateful.

and MELT. Seriously, if there was ever a time to create a MELT habit and stick with it, this is it. Your nervous system will benefit from the reset MELT provides. Focused breathing connects you to your body and helps you relax. Your brain will have the opportunity to focus on wellness. And most importantly, your connective tissue needs you to keep it healthy and hydrated so it can handle those priorities: supporting, protecting and stabilizing YOU.

So let's finish this the same way we finish each MELT Class, with our gratitude practice:

Today, I am grateful for my MELT Community, which includes all of you.

Today, I am grateful for the sunshine and the promise of spring.

Today, I am grateful for the love in community and the reminder that we are connected in spirit in ways deeper that we had ever imagined.

Created By
Shelley Thomas


Created with an image by Anthony DELANOIX - "Spring flower blossoms on branch"