The Worst Humans Brooklyn, NY

If you've ever felt lonely, lost, listless, less-than, foreign, outcasted, isolated, emasculated, disenfranchised, disassociated, unfamiliar, bedridden, left behind, tossed aside, swept under the rug, stuck inside the outside world or the worst human...then we are together.

To everyone else, we are not the same.

The Worst Humans, a three-piece jazz-grunge-punk outfit from Brooklyn, found their footing in the underground rock scene, taking refuge in the basement of the Berlin social club on Avenue A. Members of the group have performed on “The Today Show,” “Good Morning, America” alongside Elle King, have shared tours with The Fray, James Blunt, American Authors and more, but can still be found skulking around the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Pulling their sound from ‘90s groups and Nina Simone, the eclectic “jazz-punks” are slowly becoming a notable live performance in and around the city. They are not who you think they are and do not toil in the boundaries of popular music or popular art. Instead, they plan on making a sound much larger than they are.

Ian Alexander - Lead vocals and guitar

Steve Conroy - Bass and vocals

Chris Corsico - Percussion and vocals

Credit: Kristin Gallegos
Credit: Duck Feeney

Music and Videos

Press, Premieres, Mentions and the Like

"The voice of The Worst Humans is strong and clear. In their track “We’re On Drugs,” the trio from Brooklyn combine thoughtful lyrics with fluidly executed energy shifts and driving percussion to shine a light on the prevalence of prescription drug use..."

"A grunge-pop band coming at us from Brooklyn, they’re showcasing their skills on their new song “We’re On Drugs”. With the gritty sound we know and love grunge for, and beats that’ll stick in your head for days, we’re thinking this’ll be a hit."

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