Sometimes you gotta cut loose

When was the last time you visited the theater?

The Barter Theatre, the State Theatre of Virginia, has a history of excellence. They have produced many successful plays since they first opened in 1933. Many actors and playwrights that have walked through the theatre's doors have gone on to become very successful, as if being a part of the acclaimed Barter Theatre wasn't enough!

So, if you're looking for a unique expereience look no further than the State Theatre of Virginia, the Barter Theatre.

A Brief History on the Barter Theatre

On June 10, 1933, young up and coming actor, Robert Porterfield, opened the Barter Theatre after he returned from New York to his home town in Virginia. Being young and starving performers, they decided that admission was either $0.35 or some of that day's fresh produce. By the end of their first year open they earned $4.35 in cash and had a collective weight gain of 300 pounds. The Barter Theatre was the first theatre to be awarded the title of a State Theatre. Since opening it's doors in 1933, the Barter Theatre has gone on to achieve excellence and will continue doing so for years to come.

It's time to cut loose

Love. Loss. Fear. Insecurity. Growth. Acceptance. Renewal.

With the new season beginning at the Barter Theatre comes brand new exciting plays. One of the most notable plays coming to its stage is Footloose: The Musical. Many know the story of Footloose, but now you can witness it live and on stage. The box office hit Footloose will captivate and amaze audiences as if it were the first time you were watching the movie, which to some it may be. Fans will love it because they will get to see a classic film come to life on stage. Newcomers to the story will be amazed with the story and the performance from the talented cast. Both new and old fans of the movie will enjoy the performance from the amazing Barter Theatre cast.

Show Details

Footloose: The Musical is directed by Paul Russell. The stage play was written by Dean Pitchford, who also wrote the screenplay, and Walter Bobbie.

Footloose: The Musical will be performed from May 19- Aug., 12. Ticket prices vary depending on the seat you select. For more information on showtimes and ticket prices, visit Barter Theatre's official website.

So, come join us as we take you on a journey of self discovery. It's time for you to come cut loose with us at the Barter Theatre as we proudly present Footloose: The Musical.

Although Footloose: The Musical premiering this summer, that's not all the Barter Theatre has to offer this season! So come join us here at the Barter Theatre, we'll be waiting.

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