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About His Childhood

Ezra Pound was born on the 30 of October on 1885 in a small town called Hailley, Idaho. He is the son of Homer Loomis and Isabel Weston. Both of his parent's ancestors were immigrant from England in 17th century. His mother was unhappy living in Hailley so she decide to move back to East. when Ezra was 18 month years and his farther followed them. Soon after his farther took a job at the Philadelphia Mint.


University of Pennsylvania

Ezra early education took place in many schools these school included Miss Elliott's school in 1892, Misses Heacock's Chelten Hills school in 1893 then Florence Ridpath school in 1894. Then his parents thought best he attend a military school from 1898. He attend Cheltenham Military Academy until 1900. In this academy he learn how to shoot a gun, the importance of submitting to authority and they also went through military drills. At age eleven he published his first poem on 7 of November 1896 in the Jenkintown Times-Chronicle. His first oversea tour was two years later with mother and his Aunt Frances. The tour took him to England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. When he was Fifthteen he attend the University of Pennsylvania's College of Liberal Arts in 1901. He learned nine foreign languages.

His Success over seas

In 1909 he he found his success in writing and over the year, he published three books, "Personae," "Exultations" and "The Spirit of Romance,". He also wrote many reviews and critiques for different publications. During 1912. Ezra helped make and shape a movement called Imagism. This movement tried to more direct course with language and to get rid of Victorian and Romantic poetry.What kind of poetry did he write Ezra writes a lot of grim and dark stuff like death and things like that.

One of many poems from Ezra

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