Meet Davion Age 18, Acute Myeloid Leukemia

He wasn’t sure he’d live to see this day.

A muggy Friday evening in late May, wearing a polyester blue gown over a shirt and tie, is not the stuff of teenage dreams.

But this day was 18-year-old Davion’s dream.

It was his high school graduation day. He’d fought for his life to not miss this moment: His name called over the microphone; his mom and family cheering above in the bleachers, signs and cell phones at the ready; his walk across the stage; his diploma.

A milestone passed in a few seconds. And he credits clinicians at Children’s Health that it was ever possible.

“In the last year, my thoughts have been all over the place, and I would wonder ‘Am I going to make it to the next day?’” Davion said. “Making it to this day, I look at it like it’s a huge blessing. I’ve been through a lot.”

Check back in September to read Davion's full story and learn how your support is life-changing and life-saving for children like him.

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