Meet the European Frog Bit Hayden Blakely


See this beautiful river, it can easily be affected by the European Frog Bit because these flowers can Affect aquatic life,aquatic plants,and animals that live near it.

The European Frog Bit can be easily unrecognized as it can be mistaken as a danty flower or water lily but it can be worse on the enviorment then you think. we need to solve this problem and quick because a well know fact about the European Frog Bit is that it reporduces at extremely dangerous paces aka it grows rapidly

see this is the causes the frog bit can have it kills the river and people start to see it as a gross puddle and start throwing trash which is not only bad for the river but it is also littering.

many people would just ignore this flower they say rivers will die anyway why should we care, but you should care its not just your world its your children and all the generations that will come after you don't you want your great grandchildren to not be able to go to a river without having to plug there nose or say ew?

now you might be wondering how to get rid of or how to control the European frog bit some people actually pull it out of the water others use mechanical machines to thoroughly clean.
in Conclusion stay safe and save the rivers!


Created with images by a.affleck - "River" • Leeshypooh - "asia china libo" • Horia Varlan - "Plastic bottles and garbage on the bank of a river" • Dave_S. - "Is this bridge really necessary?"

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