The Leadership Report educating Kenyans on the importance of good governance and accountable leadership

Every five years Kenyans go into elections. After those five years we elect leaders meant to represent us in different levels of leadership. The sad thing though is that we never really have a way of holding our leaders accountable to the promises they make as they campaign. The leadership report seeks to foster an environment where leaders are put to task before, during and even after their leadership tenure to ensure accountability and responsible leadership but most importantly we aim to educate the Kenyan electorate empowering them to be able to ask those tough questions and ensure transparency by the leaders they chose. #SOTETUWAJIBIKE!

We seek to traverse Kenya as we hold debates with local leaders and community members tackling issues based on national cohesion, servant leadership and the role of the citizen on promoting good governance.

We have been involved in discussions around the judicial systems during Justice Willy Mutunga's Farewell Korogocho slums, where we shared our views through the able Ralia Gabo seen here in this picture.

Using Multimedia to spread the message of good governance and proper accountable leadership.

The inaugural debate was held on the 10th of September 2016 at Baba Dogo Catholic Church with representatives from the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Party of Independent Candidates Kenya (PICK PARTY) officials, representatives from the media as well as the residents of Lucky summer ward.

Some of the Key issues discussed included : The role of governance in promoting National Cohesion

The role of the Citizen is helping bring about National Cohesion and holding the Leaders accountable.

The role of the Media in providing messaging that foster national cohesion and fostering good governance practices even as we educate the electorate.

Bringing Youth onto the discussion table, what do we need to do to get them to participate in the process?

And lastly holding our aspirants to account, how do we do that as a community?

Changing leadership through constructive dialogue

We are the ones to make the change we want, if we speak about it they will listen, if we keep quiet they will live on.



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